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Admit it—you couldn’t stop watching, and it wasn’t always for a good reason
Quite a body of work
Internet, meet Chris Corbould, OBE, the Oscar-winning special effects supervisor on No Time to Die, who happens to have worked on every single James Bond film since 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me.Corbould has run the Bond special effects
Would you dare try this one out?
In case you've been living under a rock these first few weeks of the year, the 28th season of Top Gear is back in full swing-and we kind of mean that last part literally. Sort of.That's because Chris
Don't do this at home
It didn't used to be. When the GoldenEye dam was built in 1965 (two years after Luzzone), it was taller, so the hydroelectric company at Luzzone built another 17 meters on top so that the latter could still be the tallest.
On June 18-19
On Father's Day weekend, eight humongous trucks will entertain the Philippine crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena for Monster Jam. Last year's event had six of these 1,500hp trucks competing and performing exhibitions. This year, spectators will be
10 car-related 'MythBusters' experiments
Thirteen years ago, two special-effects experts teamed up to host a TV show centered on debunking various misconceptions and urban legends using nothing but ingenuity and scientific method. A total of 248 fact-filled episodes later, the dynamic duo of Adam
Grave Digger and Max-D are back!
Yes, you heard that right--Monster Jam is back. Crowd favorites Grave Digger and Max-D are returning to Manila this year, together with Alien Invasion, Dragon, Pirate's Curse, Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Scooby-Doo and Team Hot Wheels Firestorm, for a
Through multiple GoPro cameras
In March, extreme athlete Guerlain Chicherit failed in his attempt to break the longest car-jump record set by Tanner Foust in May 2011. As we reported then, although Chicherit cleared the jump, his landing was far from successful as the car
Watch it here
Over a year since Ken Block released his Gymkhana 5 video, the Monster Energy Drink salesman has finally come up with the sixth installment of his popular hooning series: Gymkhana 6: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course.For this installment, Block worked with
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