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Our readers chime in
Automotive technology has come a long way, and more than ever the cars on the market today are jam-packed with all sorts of neat features. But that doesn't mean everyone is a fan of them. Below are some reader
The question is, do you want to?
Ever wanted a car you could talk to? If you drive a BMW, you'll be able to do just that by next year.The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will make you more connected to your car than ever before. It
As told by our resident tito
It's pretty safe to say that most people around my age (I'm in my mid 20s, for the record) who grew up with the Internet and easy access to computers are fond of technology. We've grown up accustomed to
We answer a Miss Universe question
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.We couldn't help join the buzz surrounding the Miss Universe pageant held recently. Like the rest of the country, we had high hopes
Probably more awesome than your car
If you reside in Metro Manila, your image of a delivery van likely involves the following adjectives: clunky, rusty, gas-guzzling and most certainly late. Well, a German vehicle manufacturer wants to change that image for tomorrow's generation. Say hello to
Interesting development, this one
Apple doesn't hide the fact that it wants to venture into the automotive industry. The iPhone manufacturer has dropped hints that it could release its very own vehicle by the year 2020. But as the world eagerly awaits what this car
The possibilities are indeed endless
The connected car concept is nothing new. The last few years saw various automakers teaming up with electronics companies to try and come up with automobiles that can either talk to each other, sync with various external devices, or both. And now,
Aiming to perfect technology in 5 years
Whether we like it or not, the age of automated mobility is fast approaching. Nearly all car manufacturers are working hard to come up with their own take on the self-driving vehicle. In what is probably the most vocal move of
Because 9-speed just isn't enough
Many in the auto industry say that when it comes to transmissions, six is the new four. But some carmakers would beg to disagree. For example, Mitsubishi now employs an eight-speed gearbox for the Montero Sport, while Mercedes-Benz has the
If Apple had its way, of course
If there's a problem that needs solving, "there's an app for that" is what Apple would say. Now, the Cupertino-based company has something that could change the way we interact with our vehicles.According to the Daily Mail, a
Self-driving app-based transport service
While it might seem a bit like science fiction, the reality is that self-driving cars are quickly growing in number. A ton of companies are already setting up for the future by testing tomorrow's technology today.The latest firm to
You'll be safe on EDSA, then
If you're one of the millions of Filipinos who take public transportation to work, dealing with air pollution is just another part of your everyday routine. By now, no trip to the office is complete without one being enveloped in a
See what the future looks like
When it comes to car interiors, Peugeot is one of the best in the business. The French carmaker is responsible for some of the most sophisticated and professional-looking cabin designs in the industry. But not wanting to rest on its laurels,
This tech company certainly thinks so
Question: Should taxi, truck and public bus operators be required to have their fleets equipped with driver assistance and safety systems? Mobileye, a global manufacturer of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) from Israel, thinks so. The company is lobbying for the Land
If Daimler's hackers had their way
We all know the link between traffic and stress--that horrendous traffic jams on a regular basis can dramatically raise a person's tension levels. But can anything be done about it?While Daimler, the German company that owns Mercedes-Benz, can'
Our rides are now really complicated
What's a practicar? I guess that really depends on the person you're asking. Twenty or so years ago, a magazine columnist wondered why car companies weren't rolling out automobiles that just got you from one point to another, without
This might take some getting used to
You're about to switch lanes. To be extra careful, you glance at your side-view mirrors to ensure that there are no cars coming from the rear. But wait, something is different here: Instead of seeing the reflection of what's
Challenges people to create solutions
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. It may look like a remote-controlled toy, yet in reality it is what is known as a drone. These unmanned vehicles are piloted
Autonomous cars are coming
It looks like we're going to be seeing driverless cars on the racetrack sooner rather than later. Formula E has announced its plans to set up a global racing series for autonomous vehicles aptly called RoboRace, with the goal of providing
You can drive, relax or work
The concept of autonomous driving cars is nothing new. Audi, Tesla and Mercedes-Benz are just some of the carmakers that are developing systems that will make it possible to set one's vehicle to autopilot one day.Volvo, however, wants to
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