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The carmaker is sticking with its solid-state battery research
Toyota has unveiled plans to create a solid-state battery capable of 1,500km on one charge. Speaking at its annual technical conference, where engineers described being inspired by hypersonic aerodynamics, the Japanese carmaker has revisited the next-gen battery chat.Toyota
by Cat Dow
Is it the same as Bluetooth?
In the mind-boggling world of connected car tech, it's getting harder to navigate what certain features do and don't do. If you weren't born connected umbilically to your mobile device, you'd be forgiven for thinking that CarPlay,
by Cat Dow
One brand is already showing it off at CES
Well, here's another one of those ideas that'll have you knocking your head on the wall wishing you'd thought of it first: Automatic mirror adjustment.VinAI, which basically packs VinFast's cars with advanced driver assistance technologies, is already
But is this a good idea?
This isn't what we had in mind when Honda and Sony announced a new electric vehicle partnership back in June. But hey, we say go for it.Citing a recent interview conducted by the Financial Times, IGN reports that Honda and
More than just a paint job
Remember the BMW iX Flow? The vehicle was revealed at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show and caught eyes with its tippy color-shifting exterior.The "electrophoretic" paint job (if we can even call it that) uses tech similar to that used in
Good call
Whoever they are, this 'Nobody' person has a lot to answer for.For instance, did you know that Nobody asked for capacitive buttons, that Nobody liked them and that Nobody was even remotely happy when Volkswagen festooned the steering wheels of its
It’s a connected world we all live in now
Do you ever feel like you're too attached to your smartphone, tablet, or any of your other electronic devices? Yeah, we get it. Swiping screen after screen can get tiring-but it's the world we live in now.Soon, our
Now that’s convenience
One of the biggest roadblocks when it comes the electric vehicle (EV) adoption is charging, or the lack of charging infrastructure, rather. But what if you didn't need to drop by a charging station every now and then? What if you
What’s your stance on this?
A rather studious Swedish car mag has confirmed something we've pretty much taken as read in the Top Gear office: touchscreens in cars are actually kind of rubbish.Vi Bilägare (We Car Owners) pitted 11 modern cars against each other,
The roar of the internal combustion engine will soon go extinct
Whether you start your car with a key, a button, or one of those clever new bum sensors that awakens the vehicle the second arse meets seat, the next thing that happens is usually an audible cue. Start a car, it makes
Would you use this feature?
Okay, we know that paying for fuel is probably the last thing many of you want to hear about right now-but trust us, this is worth it.According to a recent report by Reuters, motorists will soon be able to pay
Could this be the next big thing?
The age of the airless tire could almost be upon us-at least if tire manufacturers can overcome the last few hurdles keeping this technological advancement at bay. And it does look like this is the case.According to a report by
Expect more 3D-printed stuff from Peugeot and parent group Stellantis soon
Peugeot has joined forces with HP to create a new line of wild-looking 3D-printed accessories for the 308. Never thought we'd be that into cupholder design, if we're honest, but these are very cool indeed.There's a
This makes us want to go on a ramen run
Has anyone here ever grabbed a bite at Genki Sushi? The place has a different take on the conveyor belt sushi experience, opting instead to deliver orders using a "bullet train." It's a neat concept, but one that's limited in
Are you digging this partnership?
Well, here's a new automotive partnership that comes as somewhat of a surprise: Honda, one of the world's leading car manufacturers, has signed an agreement to build cars in partnership with Sony, a global electronics giant.The memorandum of agreement
The tech has come a long way from this...
Some people report seeing color upon a hearing a certain sound, but here we have the inverse. Because it's impossible to look at the images above and not immediately start hearing an unmistakable, scratchy '60s-era soundtrack.The Mercedes-Benz Museum
Keeping you on track when you’re off the beaten path
A feature common on most off-road-capable machinery these days, descent control does precisely what it says on the tin: You engage it on a downslope, and the ABS, traction and stability control systems manage speed and traction. Some even let
“The more features we add, the more opportunities we have”
There's a neat bit of dystopian future-gazing in the brilliant Blade Runner 2049 that refers to something called the 'Blackout.' Details are sketchy, but it seems an EMP-electromagnetic pulse-has knocked out the grid at some point, destroying all
For real
A seatbelt for bags. Sounds like a Class A example of someone trying to solve a problem that barely exists-if it even does at all.Perhaps. But thousands of people saw the idea fit enough to actually throw hard-earned money
When do you think products like this will hit market?
In 2019, Michelin grabbed people's attention with the announcement that it would be bringing airless tires to market by the year 2024. The company is hardly the only one in the tire industry, though, looking to change the game by ditching
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