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It’s incredibly therapeutic
The Ammo NYC garage has detailed some pretty interesting cars over the years, most of them being absurdly dirty and just downright disgusting vehicles like the last Subaru Forester we featured on this space.Every once in a while, though, these guys
When does the fun start?
The moment I first realized I was an adult was when I walked into a bank alone, with all the requirements needed to apply for a credit card. Despite reading and comparing perks and rates online as well as seeking advice from
Thank you, sir
See all that dirt settling on top of the cars parked outside on the street? That's not dust. Unless you've been hiding under a rock the past few hours, you'll know that it's volcanic ash from this afternoon'
Don’t worry—it’s hard to mess this up
When I was a kid, washing my car was something I did quite often. Back then, it was all the rage to have body-colored fender wells and to have them really clean. Just about every time I washed my car, I'
An easy solution to keeping a ride clean
Some car owners find car care to be therapeutic, much like how cleaning your work desk or bedroom can somehow re-energize your spirit. But there are also those who find keeping their ride clean a chore-people who wish that the
Hypnotic stuff
Anyone else here get excited every time they head out to the neighborhood car wash? And not because you're going to drive home with a clean ride, but because you get a kick out of watching somebody cover your vehicle in
Is this something to worry about?
Good day! I just want to ask: How true is this myth that I should never roll down my window after I get a car wash because the water may damage the wirings?Juan I can't say that it's absolutely
It serves halo-halo, too
If you're ever in need of a car wash in Northridge California, be sure to check out Cruisers Car Wash. The establishment's hidden food joint--Lilian's Bread & Sweets--supposedly serves some of the best Filipino food in the area,
It’s just disrespectful
Even car enthusiasts like myself can't always keep our cars clean, as we sometimes have to set aside time for our rides to deal with the realities of daily life. That said, I would like to share a list of things
Long but satisfying
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Proper car love. Non-car guys would scoff at the idea of watching a 20-minute video on how to wash your ride. It'
Are you going overboard with your waxing?
Given my years of maintaining and restoring cars, it is quite common for me to stumble upon inquiries regarding vehicle aesthetic care. Of course, I'd gladly share whatever knowledge I've gained through hands-on experience. My own car's condition
It's National Car Wash Weekend!
Here's one item we're sure is somewhere up there on every motorist's rainy season bummer list: Paying P150 for a car wash only to have it pour outside on the way home. Your squeaky clean wash and money is
And you'll be helping the environment
For those of us who like to keep our cars clean and shiny, the rainy season poses a huge challenge. Don't you just feel that Mother Nature's quite the prankster, because whenever you drive away fresh from a car wash
To prevent rusting
Hi, Top Gear. I just want to ask when and how frequently should we have our cars underwashed. Is regular underwashing sufficient enough to prevent rust in the undercarriage rather than the expensive undercoat and rust-proofing? Thank you!Gerald Aguila Hi,
Keep your ride clean and scratch-free
For now, you can set aside what your old man or grandfather taught you or whatever you might have observed at your typical car wash. Think of this as a hard reset. After that, I shall fill you in on updated know-
A simple wash can trigger your car's safety features
Brake-assist systems, by whatever name or configuration, are a pretty handy thing to have in case of an emergency. They can spell the difference between a sure hit and a near miss for you and the car in front. In some
Or does it really?
Are you one of the many car owners who somehow get the sense that it always rains after you give your beloved vehicle a wash? We ask because it's rainy season once more, and chances are you're getting this sense
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi, Top Gear. I'm hoping you could enlighten us. We are newbies in the world of cars, and we just bought our first car. I would like to ask if waxing and washing the car can damage the paint. Since it'
Good for both car and passengers
Summer's obviously here. With the road-trip season comes the higher temperatures that we all have to contend with. For car owners, it means taking steps to minimize the negative effects of the scorching heat. The elevated temperatures can take a
Good job, Miriam College of Santa Rosa
What's the best way to educate children? They say it's through experience. So when it comes to teaching kids about transportation, the teachers of the "First Step" class of Miriam College in Santa Rosa, Laguna, have the right idea. Last
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