By more than 3.4 million metric tons
Good news for the environment. Today, Ford announced in its annual sustainability report that it has met its goal of reducing global carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing eight years ahead of schedule. The American manufacturer announced its plan back in 2010 to
Touting low carbon-dioxide emissions
When the term 4x4 is mentioned, images of dirty, gas-guzzling off-road rigs almost always come to mind. For several decades, people have had this notion that such vehicles--though capable of tackling almost any terrain--tend to deplete our planet'
Just look at the numbers
Last week, we reported the DENR's proposal to ban cars over 15 years old. The premise was that motor vehicles are largely responsible for the sudden and significant increase in air pollution in the country over the last few years. Motor
Let us give you an estimate
Carbon footprint, as described by, is the "sum of all emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which were induced by our activities in a given time frame." It could be anything from the production of the food we eat
Will other teams follow?
Formula 1 is a motorsport that has long been associated to environment hazards. After all, one car can consume as much as 300 liters of fuel in a 300-kilometer race. But things may change soon beginning with a crucial move made
And learn how you can develop earth-friendly driving habits
The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) are working together to heighten Filipinos' awareness on the impact of motoring and other aspects of one's lifestyle on the environment.The partnership
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