Articles about Carbon Neutrality

New vehicles sold in the entire state must be zero-emissions come that year
The brand wants annual sales to reach 3.5 million units by 2030
About a year ago, concerns were raised about Honda's electrification of its motorcycle lineup. People like us started to wonder how the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer would go about the shift to EVs over the next few decades. Well, it appears we
It also wants its entire supply chain to be carbon neutral by 2050
Mazda has been working to electrify its lineup in recent years. Now, it's going all-in as it announces its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality over the next two decades.Mazda Motor Corporation says it plans to make all its factories
The carmaker is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in the market by 2035
Ford has fleshed out its plans for an electric future in Europe. They involve a full-battery Puma in 2024, and a couple more EV crossovers in 2023 and 2024 to fit between the Puma and Mustang Mach-E.Those two middle
Subaru won’t be building one based on the all-new WRX’s platform
There had to be some sort of excitement among the Subaru faithful over the past few years after the carmaker unveiled the all-new BRZ and WRX. The WRX STI should logically be up next, shouldn't it?Well, we're sorry
The Alliance also eyes rolling out 35 new EV models by 2030
A recent report stated how the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is planning to build more than 30 electric vehicles by 2030. Well, the official plans are out, and it's clear that the Alliance plans to do more than just meet that
Part of the brand’s new ‘Five-in-Five’ plan
Big news in the world of very big cars-Bentley has committed to a new 'Five-in-Five' plan.Now, that may sound like the latest in a series of fad diets, but it's supposedly a future-proofing plan that'll
And be the first country to accomplish this goal
Iceland has been blessed by nature. The Land of Fire and Ice (a tag applied here well before it was slapped on Game of Thrones) puts those resources to good use. When the ice melts, water flows. Hydroelectric accounts for 70% of
These fuels help reduce particulate matter and enable significant carbon savings
Like every other car manufacturer these days, Volkswagen is working its way towards carbon neutrality. But apart from the expected electrification efforts, the company's game plan includes something slightly different: paraffinic fuels.What the German carmaker wants to do is reduce
The carmaker wants EVs to account for 100% of its global sales by 2035
Toyota recently unveiled its plans to achieve carbon neutrality in Western Europe by 2035. It appears, however, that the company has even bolder goals on a global scale.In a recent press briefing, Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda laid down the
We’ll be seeing the brand shift to a zero-emissions lineup
Toyota has already revealed its plans to roll out more than a dozen electric vehicles by 2025. Over the following decade, though, expect the carmaker to ramp up its electrification efforts even further.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, the Japanese
The carmaker calls it ‘Ambition 2030’
Nissan is the latest carmaker to announce its plans to achieve carbon neutrality over the next decades. The carmaker has now unveiled Nissan Ambition 2030, its long-term vision for "empowering mobility and beyond."Nissan aims to respond to critical, environmental, societal,
Ready to bust a move for the planet?
Promoting electric cars and hybrids for the sake of the environment? Sure, we can do that. Breaking out into dance to help spread the green motoring revolution, though? We'll spare you the horror.Hey, not everyone is born with backs built
The operator plans to install even more panels soon
Yes, the Philippines is still lagging when it comes to the adoption of greener forms of mobility. This doesn't mean, though, that there aren't companies at least trying to make a dent in the situation.The NLEX Corporation, for example,
This is big
Big news from our neighbors over in Thailand. According to a report by Bloomberg, the Southeast Asian country has announced its intent to shift completely to zero-emission cars by the year 2035.Kawin Thangsupanich, an adviser to Thailand's Energy Ministry
It wants to fully electrify its lineup to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
Thanks to the Leaf, Nissan has enabled people around the world to drive more than 14.8 billion 'clean-air' kilometers over the popular EV's first decade of existence.But the Japanese carmaker has its eyes set on bigger goals though,
Exisiting models will continue to get updates, though
It looks like another car manufacturer has decided to truly clean up its act.According to a recent report by the Korea JoongAng Daily, Hyundai has ceased to develop new diesel engines as part of its shift towards zero-emission vehicles. The
“As the grid gets greener, the cars get greener during their life”
The UK government has brought forward its plan to outlaw the sale of gasoline and diesel cars and vans. The new date is 2030-it was previously 2035. But note that plug-in hybrids will be allowed until 2035.We looked at
The right move
If you like breathing air, you're going to like this: According to a report by Nikkei Asia, China has announced that it plans to phase out gasoline-powered cars by the year 2035.Details surrounding the move to eco-friendly vehicles
Califronia love (for the environment)
Some big news for those of you residing in California. The state has just announced that it's moving to eliminate the sale of gasoline-powered cars and trucks. This follows Governor Gavin Newsom's issuance of an executive order requiring
The brand is cleaning up its act
Isuzu has announced that it will completely clean up its act, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from both its products and operations by the year 2050.While the carmaker stops short of saying it will discontinue diesel offerings, unless by some miracle it
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