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A car guy's hangover
I arrived bright and early on opening day of the 5th Philippine International Motor Show to witness the ribbon-cutting, and I stayed on to catch every program that each of the manufacturers had lined up for the crowd. All I can
But ready to settle down with just one car
When we say we love cars, it really only means we\'re fascinated by them. We love how they look and perform. If we\'ve got the means, we even start collecting them. One man, however, took his love of cars to
This will restore your faith in humanity
The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of youngsters--aged three to 18 years old--who are afflicted with life-threatening conditions. Last weekend, eight-year-old Raineer Allen Malate, who is battling Stage 3 osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and whose right
When your car's passenger has four legs
I have a soft spot for dogs. I've always had at least one dog in the family; I cry every time one goes on to doggie heaven; and I enjoy roughing up my reliable dog Magnum when I can see he'
Nissan Historics
Nissan has deep roots in motorsports, but the company's presence wasn't only limited to smooth race tracks. Clocking the fastest time on what can hardly even be considered a 'road' has its own appeal. I am a rally fan boy,
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