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Imagine a Miss Universe helping you navigate through the city
What do you think of the vehicle?
Quick question: If you could associate a car brand with the most beautiful woman in the universe, what would it be? Top-of-mind choices? Probably Rolls-Royce, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz. Maybe Porsche or Lexus, too.The point is, you're
What was your experience like?
All right, guys, we need to clear something up.Some of you are claiming that this morning's Miss Universe telecast-wherein Catriona Gray beat out South Africa and Venezuela to earn the 2018 title-reduced Metro Manila road traffic to prime
She's probably going to move up to something nicer now
Catriona Gray is your Miss Universe 2018, making the 24-year-old only the fourth Pinay to hold the title since Gloria Diaz first won it for the three stars and sun in 1969.No doubt Ms. Gray will be returning to
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