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But why, though?
What a car owner does with his ride, unless he's endangering other motorists, is solely his business.If you want to slap on a corny decal or sticker for everyone to see? Go ahead. Install an ill-fitting piece of bodykit?
He’s no longer permitted to buy the brand’s cars
Remember Philipp Plein? If not, let us jog your memory. The dude is a German fashion designer who dressed up and flaunted his Ferrari in ways the brand deemed 'distasteful.' He ended up in a legal battle with the carmaker.Why bring
We wonder how many times this has been driven
Remember when Post Malone bought a 6x6 Hennessy VelociRaptor back in 2019? Yeah, it turns out over-the-top trucks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much he's willing to spend on rides.A 2019
What would you do?
Road rage is bad. Always has been. Cooler heads should prevail regardless of the situation. Don't just take it from us. When a certified badass like mixed martial arts legend Eduard Folayang says you should keep your cool, you should probably
The new Flying Spur checks off the last thing on Belo’s bucket list
How do you show affection to your loved ones? According to the famous book The 5 Love Languages, people show love in five different ways: through words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and gift-giving.Now, you're
Coupe DeVille, rollin’ on dubs
I'm not sure if this is my 30-something bias kicking in, but there was something truly special about the Super Bowl XLI halftime show which aired earlier today. I mean, the Weeknd's performance in 2021 was cool and all,
The guard is apparently a big Chevy Impala fan
Remember when Devin Booker rolled into the 2021 NBA Finals behind the wheel of a tricked-out Chevrolet Caprice? That's when the NBA star first caught our attention as car lovers. Not surprisingly, the dude has a handful of other drool-
His latest pride and joy is a ’69 Plymouth with a supercharged Hemi V8
When you look at Kevin Hart, 'car guy' isn't exactly one of the most apt descriptions that immediately come to mind. Funny? Yes. Loud? Definitely. Vertically challenged? Hey, it's not our fault the dude is constantly finding himself cast next
Nice choice
Last year, when we asked Alden Richards what cars he has in his garage, one of the rides he mentioned easily stood out above the rest: a Mercedes-AMG GT S. He said he had chosen between that or its predecessor, the
Minus the king-size bed, of course
We often feature 'Manila-proofed' vans here at Top Gear Philippines. But as far as custom vans go, Bea Alonzo's Ford Transit might be one of the most sensible ones yet.Sensible isn't exactly a fitting word for a fully
The actor loves his cars
Imagine that you were given an inordinate sum of money that you could spend on any car you want. Go ahead-close your eyes, and imagine real hard. Now, what car would you blow all that cash on? A top-of-the-
This won’t be grabbing anyone’s attention…sort of
Well, that's one way to teach a kid the value of being humble-we think.Travis Scott recently gifted his daughter Stormi with the most inconspicuous school service you could think of: An actual full-sized yellow school bus.If Scott'
Can you guess what he bought with his first big payday?
Well, that came out of nowhere. Errol Spence Jr. will no longer be facing Manny Pacquiao in the ring on August 21 (August 22 in the Philippines) after suffering a torn retina. Ouch.Taking the American's place later this month will
Our Olympian deserves nothing but the best
Unless you've been cut off from society completely for the last 24 hours, then you've probably already heard about and celebrated Hidilyn Diaz's victory at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. After all, she didn't just win gold-she made
Hollywood’s worst passenger?
They say Tom Hanks is someone you never want to find yourself traveling with. Flying with the dude? Cast Away and Sully. Going on a cruise? Captain Phillips, Greyhound. Out into space? Apollo 13. Simply put, if you're in transit with
What's your favorite?
Ahead of their first game against the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals, the Phoenix Suns pulled up to home court hard, filling up the basement parking at their arena with a glittering showcase of luxury cars ahead.As usual, the team'
Pants, though? Not so much
Jordan Clarkson is the very definition of an NBA success story.Drafted in the second round by the Washington Wizards before being immediately sent to the Los Angeles Lakers for cash, the 28-year-old Filipino-American worked his way toward becoming
Still, the champ’s garage is pretty impressive
Aside from the fact that his livelihood involves getting the baddest dudes in the world to try and take his head off, it would appear that world champion pugilist Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez doesn't have a whole lot to worry about. The
Yes, that is a monster truck carrying his remains
In case you missed it, rapper and songwriter Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, passed away following a heart attack in his New York City home earlier this month. He was 50 years old.For the younger crowd on here, DMX was
It’s the latest of his cars to be put on the virtual auction block
The late Paul Walker had a ridiculously impressive collection of cars. Over the past couple of years, we've seen a number of them change hands on the interweb, but this might just be the best one yet.Yep, this brilliant M1
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