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She is now one of the faces of Shell
The public life of Maine Mendoza has always been characterized by the unexpected. Her star was born in the age of social media in 2015, a time when people still shared amusing content rather than fight over politics. And with the accidental
Japanese tennis ace is celebrated with 50 redecorated Godzillas
This is a special-edition Nissan GT-R. It's a tribute to Nissan's latest brand ambassador, Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka. She currently sits fifth in the world rankings and has helped come up with the color schemes of the
Tennis' newest star has arrived
As the old saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. Tennis star Naomi Osaka has wasted no time making the most out of her monumental US Open championship win over Serena Williams. Earlier today, we reported that she was rumored to
Endorsements galore for the new star
If you've been following the world of sports at all in the last few days, then you would've heard about how the up-and-coming tennis player Naomi Osaka scored a massive upset over the great Serena Williams.
Karate chops included
Chuck Norris can be described with many titles: Air Force veteran, actor, martial artist, Karate champion, living Internet meme. He's so awesome, in fact, that they say his tears can cure cancer. Shame, because he has never, ever cried. Oh, and
Beauty on four wheels
The life of a celebrity is a rigorous yet rewarding experience.Days of little or no sleep, not to mention the online bashing that comes with fame, translates to crazy stress levels for a local showbiz personality. But at the end of
Could this lead to more car sales?
International football superstar Lionel Messi is now the face of Tata Motors, after the Indian auto manufacturer signed the 28 year-old Argentinian to be its global brand ambassador for passenger vehicles.The deal marks the first time that the 2014 FIFA
Timely news as Australian Open starts today
Today is the first day of play of the 2014 Australian Open. There couldn\'t have been a better time for French carmaker Peugeot to announce that it has gotten the services of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic to be its international
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