Will this change market perception?
Chery Motors Philippines is now reaching out to its clients nationwide by mounting its \"Service Caravan\" through its dealers.\"The Service Caravan program is the follow-up to the real comeback of Chery in the Philippines,\" said CMPI chief executive Porong Herrera. \"
Aims for greater heights with new local partner
Saying that it has learned from the debacle that was Chery Iseway Motors--the Chinese carmaker's previous locally owned distributor--Chery Automobile Company is once again turning over Chery Motors Philippines to a local company.According to Chery Motors Philippines chairman
Led by the updated QQ3
Chery Motors Philippines has been really quiet for the past couple of years. Well, it seems the local subsidiary of the Chinese carmaker hopes to make up for this by launching seven new vehicles at the 2013 Manila International Auto Show.In
To prove it isn't just about the QQ
Chery, one of the many Chinese car brands that, among other things, are known for cloning the vehicles of other carmakers and then branding and selling these as their own, is now out to make a name for itself. Its solution? Hire
To go on sale in 2013
Qoros, a newly established carmaker formed by the partnership between China's largest independent car manufacturer, Chery Automobile, and Israel Corporation, a globally acting industry holding company, has revealed its very first model, which it plans to debut at the 2013 Geneva
Find out how!
Chery Motors Philippines is adapting what it has learned from Chery Iseway Motors' experience when the latter used to be the exclusive Philippine distributor of Chery vehicles as the former slowly but surely expands its operations in the Philippines.The first move
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