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It's more than just an update
The Chevrolet Trax isn't all-new, but the updates to its styling are indeed worthy of a mention. The Trax was recently unveiled at MIAS, but our first stint behind the wheel was in Bali, where General Motors International had prepared
If you had to, that is
You can live in your car but you can't drive your house, right? Or at least that's what every gearhead tells their wife or girlfriend when they try to justify the amount of money they spend on their ride. We'
Now that's what you call a refresh
Yes, the Chevrolet Trax is getting a refresh--in the US at least. Why so soon? Well, with the competition in the US subcompact crossover segment heating up, Chevrolet decided to give the Trax a little nip and tuck to help maintain
Small Chevrolet SUV arriving in October
We've already told you that General Motors International has just brought us to Michigan in the US to test-drive the Chevrolet Trax subcompact crossover SUV. And the reason, of course, is that Chevrolet Philippines (aka The Covenant Car Company Inc.)
To test market reception
As the 2015 Manila International Auto Show draws near, it's only natural that the carmakers participating in it are now starting to reveal their display vehicles so that people have something to look forward to. It's Chevrolet's turn now
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