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Lots of other prices are up for grabs through Chevron Philippines’ new promo
Conducted on Asian vehicles
Every fuel company naturally claims that its products are the (insert superlative) of all fuels in the land. Caltex, however, has actually gone out of its way to prove its fuels' cleanliness with a borescope test.In October, the fuel company inspected
Introducing the Techron D Concentrate
Is your ride diesel-powered? Each time you drive it, carbon deposits can build up and suppress your engine's performance. These deposits can be found on the exterior tips of the injector, and inside the nozzle spray channels. Depending on how
Always in a hurry?
How many times have you put off gassing up because you're in a hurry? The thought of waiting for your turn at the pump and then waiting again to sign your credit card receipt after hours of slogging through rush-hour
Less consumption, longer engine life
Chevron has introduced a new high-performance engine oil to the Philippine market. Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 was launched by the company late last week, a product which Chevron says will allow diesel vehicle owners to reduce operating costs
Take note of this the next time you fuel up
Before you ask the fuel-station attendant for the most premium gasoline with the highest octane rating for your city car, heed this: When loading up, the higher the octane rating does not always mean the fuel is better for your ride.
Less friction, better performance
Caltex customers might begin to notice something different about the fuel being pumped into their cars. Well, okay, maybe not--but their engines definitely will. This week, the company introduced its new and improved Caltex with Techron, now with Clean and Glide
And a Yamaha FZ16 motorbike
It's been a pretty awesome 2016 for comic-book fans so far. Batman V Superman kicked things off very recently, to be followed by Captain America: Civil War later this month and X-Men: Apocalypse next month. In line with the
Have you used any of its products?
One aspect of owning a vehicle many motorists take for granted is choosing a reliable engine oil to help keep the vehicle in tip-top shape. But engine maintenance--or the lack of it--could make or break your car's performance,
Will do so until July 15
Unbeknown to many motorists, Chevron Philippines--more popularly known by their fuel brand Caltex--has been donating P1 for every four liters' worth of fuel to the 33 highest-need public high schools since June 15, and will continue to do so
While launching Techron Concentrate Plus
Motorists can now clean the accumulated dirt and carbon deposits in their vehicle's gasoline engine by using Caltex's fuel system cleaner, and it's called Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP). At the same time, the fuel company gives its assurance that
See details of the partnership
Thanks to the partnership of Chevron Philippines and Robinsons Retail Holdings, grocery and shopping points may now also be used when fueling up at participating Caltex stations.Robinsons Rewards Card holders can now use their points to redeem one-peso discount for
Chevron\'s product engineering specialist explains
Ever wonder if there is an iota of truth in fuel commercials that claim their products actually clean the insides of your car\'s engine in order for it to perform optimally and run the way it should? No, not those little
The answer, apparently, is simple
Have you ever wondered why Caltex only offers three kinds of fuels-Gold 95, Silver 91 and Diesel with Techron--while its competitors, specifically Shell and Petron, offer a whole lot more? The answer, apparently, is simple.\"We only carry what the
'Labanan ang TB, Para Tsuper Healthy'
Chevron Philippines, through its Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants, has launched its anti-Tuberculosis (TB) awareness campaign, 'Labanan ang TB, Para Tsuper Healthy', by unveiling the Caltex Anti-TB bus, which will go around the city of Manila's public transport
How does free fuel for a year sound?
This year marks Caltex's 75th anniversary in the country, and to mark the occasion, not only is the petroleum company launching a new tagline and brand campaign, it will also run a nationwide promo that will see its customers win a
Here's how
Chevron Philippines (Caltex) has teamed up with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) to raise funds to save the endangered national treasure. From December 13 to 24, Chevron will donate P20 of every P500 fuel bought at selected stations in Metro Manila to
For diesel and regular gasoline
Motorists may want to hold off their trip to the fuel station until after midnight as oil firms announced a rollback scheduled for December 1.The early Christmas gift from oil firms comes in a 25-centavo per liter reduction on the
Oil firm fuels 'the ride of a lifetime'
Fans of action-packed reality shows, rejoice! The Amazing Race Asia has started airing its fourth season, and multinational oil firm Chevron Philippines is proud to announce that its Caltex brand continues to be a major sponsor of the popular TV show.
Fuels now cost 50 centavos higher
Chevron Philippines (formerly Caltex) has raised oil prices by 50 centavos to reflect price movements in the international market.Chevron spokesman Toby Nebrida in a text message said the increase will be applied to prices of the company's Gold, Gold E10,
We can hear you groaning again
Chevron Philippines (formerly Caltex) and Seaoil raised fuel prices following price movements in the global market.Premium and unleaded gasoline from Chevron and Seaoil are now 50 centavos more expensive, while regular gasoline prices are up 75 centavos. Diesel prices are up
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