In case you're wondering
A few weeks ago, a video of a two-year-old left alone inside a vehicle went viral. Social media went wild, as expected. We'll leave the parenting lectures to the experts and the expert wannabes. We're just thankful that
Start them young
My father was a stickler for rules, so I only learned to drive when I turned 17. But even before that magic number I already had a healthy automotive vocabulary and knew the basics of the internal combustion engine. I had more
Because we're all kids at heart
We had some house guests visiting from California over the Easter holiday. August, the 10-year-old, had just one request: He wanted to see some exotic supercars.I thought I would take him to some showrooms, but realized it was like
Where can you buy them?
Do you hate that your kids dislike carrying their own bags whenever you travel? We may have found the solution to your problem.Meet the line of Ridaz travel cases, obviously shaped after popular cars. If your children are into automobiles, we
Find out why exactly
Over lunch breaks, merienda sessions and dinner chats, the debate waged: What era was the best time to be a kid? And the most common answer is: Whatever era you grew up as a child in.So all my life, I believed
Let your kid learn simple traffic rules
We all know the type: crusty old drivers with bad habits so ingrained that they don't know right from wrong anymore. If only they attended something like Volkswagen Philippines' Child Safety Initiative (CSI) program, then we would have been spared from
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