Not bad for one of the larger subcompacts around
Extra cabin real estate is always a big plus when it comes to subcompact cars. If you're someone who's looking to get as much interior space as possible with your next purchase, the MG 5 might be worth checking out.
Something to get excited about
There was a time when Morris Garages, better known by its initials MG, was synonymous with roadsters. Open-air sports cars like the MGA, MGB, and MGF once comprised the most recognizable bunch of the brand's product line, and for good
Does this mean we might see the arrival of more Chinese EVs in our market soon?
The Philippines has seen the arrival of several new Chinese cars and brands over the past several years, and we won't be surprised if those new arrivals start to shift to electric soon. You see, these carmakers from the People's
Only a week left until the full reveal
Yesterday, Geely showed off its upcoming electric pickup under its Radar sub-brand driving out in the open, albeit covered in camouflage. Usually, shots like this would be preferred over the standard shadow-draped teaser. Not in this case, though.The Chinese
Much better than the Cybertruck, if you ask us
You know a car looks good when it's eye-catching even when covered in camouflage. Geely has just provided the world with its first look at its upcoming electric pickup under its new Radar sub-brand, and we think its design
0-100kph in four seconds, anyone?
Okay, we're sorry. No Huns to defeat here-but we just couldn't help but make a reference to the 1998 Disney flick.This is the MG Mulan, and the business we're referring to here is a 0-100kph sprint
Spot the difference
Chinese car manufacturers have come a long way here in the Philippines. We aren't just referring to the products they offer, but the way they present themselves as well. Names like Geely and MG have made great strides for the way
Like the look?
Ah, the BJ20. Remember that? Frankly, the vehicle was dealt a bad hand in our market the moment someone at BAIC decided to attach those two letters to the Chinese brand's SUV lineup. It didn't help that the vehicle's
Ready to serve down south
How many dealerships a car manufacturer has in a country isn't the only barometer for its brand's reach. You need to take into account where these facilities are located, too.Geely Philippines is now ready to cater to car buyers
Would you consider this model?
The 2022 Toyota Avanza and Mitsubishi Xpander aren't the only newly introduced MPVs in town. If you're open to Chinese brands, the Haima 7X might be worth checking out as well.Haima's seven-seater has arrived to take on
Open your mind
For as long as I can remember, my family's only ever seriously considered buying two brands: Nissan and Toyota. If a car didn't carry either of these two badges, just forget about it-save for one exception which we'd
Could we see this in the Philippines?
It's only been a couple of weeks since Geely Philippines entered the local sedan game with the introduction of the Emgrand, and here we are already salivating over the prospect of another one.This is the Geely Binrui Cool-a Chinese-
WM Motor Philippines will be the exclusive distributor in our market
Another Chinese carmaker has entered the fray: Weltmeister. But this time, we won't be seeing an influx of affordable gasoline-powered crossovers from the People's Republic-a bunch of new electric vehicles are what we can expect to come after
*If you pay in cash, that is
Is seven seats inside an MPV not enough? Then an eight-seater like the Maxus G50 might be more to your liking. If you're considering this model, as well as a handful of others from the Chinese brand, you'll be
Does this have a shot against the Toyota Vios?
Geely made a splash in the Philippine market several years ago with the launch of lovable Coolray. Since then, the brand has followed the small crossover up with larger offerings like the Okavango and Azkarra. A sedan wasn't in the brand'
A very affordable option
Seven-seater SUVs are about a dime a dozen in the Philippines at this point. A ton of car manufacturers are offering one (or two, if you count vehicles like the Toyota Rush), and in many cases, the choice oof which one
Is efficiency something you look for in an SUV?
Remember when the idea of driving an SUV was associated with poor fuel economy? It's been a while, hasn't it? Especially with all the smaller models coming out in the segment lately.One such vehicle is the Changan CS35 Plus
Is it really, though?
This cool-looking thing? Oh, it's just SAIC's latest concept car, the R RYZR. There's quite a backstory to this, but it's one that we feel might leave most readers scratching their heads rather than imagine a cyberpunk
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