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Time to buy the Japan-made Civics and Jazz while supplies last?
Will you go for it?
The Civic isn't the only Honda that enjoyed the spotlight in the Philippine car market today. There's also buzz about the new Honda Jazz, which is now sourced from Japan. Honda's plant in Thailand--where the Philippines imports the
The special-edition Jazz, too!
As if just in time for the coming summer season, Honda Cars Philippines is holding the Honda Mania exhibit and test drive event at the Bonifacio Global City from February 16 to 19.Headlining the event is the all-new Honda Civic,
The long wait is over
In the Philippine market, few cars are greeted with more anticipation than an all-new Honda Civic. The Civic occupies that special realm where affordability and excitement meet. It's a family sedan that doesn't emasculate the driver into a kind
To line up against the Chevrolet Cruze and the all-new Ford Focus
Honda has announced that it will enter the Civic in the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). But--and this is a very big BUT--it will field the European-market model and not the North American-market model, which every other
It's looking to be a good year to buy a new car
Honda Cars Philippines started 2012 by being the first carmaker to launch a vehicle for the year with the updated City subcompact sedan. That, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.Apparently, after the double--or triple, depending on how you
To the delight of Japanese car purists
Honda Cars Philippines will be importing the Jazz, Accord and Civic from Japan while Honda Motor's Thailand plant is under renovation after it was hit by a devastating flood late last year. "Starting February 2012, we will be importing the Jazz,
Starting with diesel mill for European-market Civic in 2012
Honda has announced the development of a new generation of engines that "will deliver excellent performance and environmental values" that will be gradually introduced throughout the Honda product line."Under the name 'Earth Dreams Technology', Honda has created a new next-generation
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Hi, Botchi!I really need your advice. I am a single city girl torn between getting a Hyundai Tucson GL and a Honda Civic. I know they are not comparable as they are of different classifications. But I really like the refinement
See how well its vehicles did in a fuel-economy training
Honda Foundation (HFI) teamed up with the Department of Energy, the Philippine Business for the Environment and the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities in its bid to raise awareness in fuel-efficient and safe driving among its fleet clients.HFI, composed
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Hi, Botchi!I have always been a fan of your columns and I am an active reader as well.I have been thinking of getting a sedan for a change since I have always been driving sport-utility vehicles. I'd really
The teasing commences...
Honda has finally taken the camouflage wrap off of the next-generation European-market Civic. Unfortunately, the Japanese carmaker only gave a glimpse of the car's rear.Available only as a five-door hatchback, the refreshed design of the all-new
What happened?
Consumer Reports has dropped its highly coveted 'Recommended' rating for the all-new Honda Civic, blaming the car's shoddy quality of interior trim, minimal interior kit and on-road performance.The consumer-oriented magazine blames the Civic's downfall to the
Watch for it in Frankfurt
Honda is set to launch the Civic designed for the European market at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.Initial testing of the all-new Civic was done at Honda's research and development facilities in Japan before the development team moved
Do you want it?
While the world awaits the release of the 2012 Honda Civic, Honda Cars Philippines (HCP) has decided to spice things up in the local market by offering the Civic Mugen Limited Edition. And by "limited," you should know that HCP is making
Fancy driving this?
Honda has revealed its lineup for the next-generation Civic, which is expected to go on sale in the United States later this year.In the US market, the all-new Civic will be offered in a number of varieties. While we
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Hi, Botchi!I'm a third-year high school student. I'm a car fanatic and I'm also an avid reader of your magazine (I especially like your articles). I may seem a bit too young to be asking about the
Find out here
Okay, you're probably wishing it's an article about the new Honda Civic or an announcement about the Hybrid Jazz being made available in the Philippines. We were hoping for the same thing when the email from Honda Cars Philippines arrived.
Check out the official sketch
With the compact-sedan segment getting busier and livelier by the day--with Chevrolet entering the fray with the Cruze and Hyundai soon jumping in with the new Elantra--Honda fanatics are eager to know what the ninth-generation Civic would look
See frame number of affected units here
Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) is conducting a voluntary recall of Civic 1.6 VTi-S units, which have been found to have defective passenger airbag inflator containers.The defective sedans were locally-produced from 2001 to 2002 and 77 units are affected
Honda Cars Philippines is offering discounts and more flexible financing schemes for Civic, Accord, and CR-V buyers this month. The 2008 model of the Civic is currently offered with a discount of as much as P35,000 for cash buyers. The
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