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If looks could kill
No. Go back. Look at the picture again. We'll wait.There, that's more like it, isn't it? This is a 1957 Corvette-in our minds, the best-looking to ever emerge from Chevrolet. And that's not just an
Agent 007 would be proud
James Bond movies tend to follow a basic checklist: guns, gadgets, and cars. Fans all over the world enjoy the suave secret agent's exploits and all the nifty toys he gets to play with. But of all the fast and luxurious
A restoration in progress
I first came across this Benz on a Facebook page dedicated to local vintage cars. It immediately caught my attention because it is a 1964 Mercedes-Benz 200S 'Fintail,' and I have my own Fintail project that I'm currently working on
It has been a while, we know
It has been more than two years since I last made a blog post about my 1967 W110-body Mercedes-Benz 200D. Damn, that's a very long time.The original plan was to document the car's revival, very much like
After 59 long years
It looks like the chaps at Coventry have finally decided to give this car the happy ending it deserves. In March this year, Jaguar announced it would build nine units of the "continuation" XKSS after a 59-year hiatus. Its team of
Yep, this car is in this state today
George Apacible is a true car guy and a well-known figure in the local racing community. He also has one hell of a car collection, including this 1972 Mark I Ford Escort.A brief primer on the model: It is acknowledged
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