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Nothing worse than buyer's remorse
When it comes to jobs in the automotive industry, we think being a product planner has to be one of the toughest around. Not only are you partly responsible for what features make the cut for a specific car in a specific
Our technical editor explains
What is it with Nissan cars and good air-conditioning? I always hear people say that Nissans have very good, cold air-cons. I know that Nissan is not the one that manufactures its A/C, but they source it from companies
Our tech guru has the answer
I need your advice. My friends always tell me to turn off my car's air-conditioning before I switch off my engine. If I don't do so, am I harming my engine or my car in the long run? Is
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
Good day, sir Ferman. I have learned a lot from your online column and have been a subscriber to your magazine for three years now.Something is bothering me: The Toyota Innova V has an "A/C" button, while our Innova E
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