Whatever happened to actual buttons and physical controls?
Make absolutely no mistake about it-modern cars are just better than old ones. Remember when 120hp was considered pretty decent for a family car? Or when any speed over 100kph meant as much aerodynamic lift as your average Cessna? Or maybe
It can actually come in handy
When Volkswagen launched the eighth-generation Golf last year, it was clear that this iteration of the famous hatch is truly an all-new vehicle. Not because of its looks, no, but because of all the features the cabin had in store.
Because cold air is life
In a tropical country like the Philippines, where temperatures can reach scorching heights, having a working air-conditioning system in your car is the difference between heaven and hell. So it's imperative that every car owner do everything he can to
Nothing worse than buyer's remorse
When it comes to jobs in the automotive industry, we think being a product planner has to be one of the toughest around. Not only are you partly responsible for what features make the cut for a specific car in a specific
Our technical editor explains
What is it with Nissan cars and good air-conditioning? I always hear people say that Nissans have very good, cold air-cons. I know that Nissan is not the one that manufactures its A/C, but they source it from companies
Our tech guru has the answer
I need your advice. My friends always tell me to turn off my car's air-conditioning before I switch off my engine. If I don't do so, am I harming my engine or my car in the long run? Is
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
Good day, sir Ferman. I have learned a lot from your online column and have been a subscriber to your magazine for three years now.Something is bothering me: The Toyota Innova V has an "A/C" button, while our Innova E
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