A trip back in time
People Power, coup attempts, Pope John Paul II's first visit, Lydia de Vega, double-decker buses. The '80s was quite a memorable time in our country's history, especially for those who were coming of age at the
Organized by DLSU ME students
If you don't know it yet, the car culture among college students is pretty dynamic. These kids seem to know what they're doing. Their taste in automobiles may be too youthful for some, but we can't deny their passion
Deadline for submission is October 30
For the students out there, Hyundai Philippines is giving you a new avenue to express your creative juices and give honor to your school at the same time.Using a Hyundai i20 Cross Sport as a canvas, students from Ateneo de Manila
Was this your automotive era?
If we looked at university parking lots two decades ago, we would have been struck by how limited the automotive badges were in diversity. It was understandable though, considering carmakers had only begun returning to our market after the People Power Revolution
Called 'Automized: 5th Gear'
Wow. This weekend is going to be very confusing for gearheads. Aside from the opening round of the 2015 Vios Cup at Clark International Speedway, there's some serious automotive action going down at the CCP Complex in Manila.Earlier, we told
I never thought I\'d be a pickup person
I never thought I'd be a pickup person. When I think of pickups, I think of gun racks, rednecks and fried chicken. If I wanted something big and tall, I'd complete the roof and go for an intimidating SUV. But
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