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The LTO has also announced the extension of licenses and registration documents
And minimal to no price change for gasoline
Fuel prices are still going down this coming week-at least for diesel, according to industry forecasts.Unioil's projection for the week of August 16 to 22, 2022, is a rollback of P1 to P1.20 per liter for diesel, and
Looking forward to this release?
Famously, Grand Theft Auto V became the fastest-selling 'entertainment' product-not game, entertainment-in history. Over its first three days, it raked in a cool billion dollars, and ranks among one of the best video games ever made. It's a
It comes with a hefty price tag, though
Driving a car up a twisty road is nice and all, but there's an entirely different kind of adrenaline to tackling certain environments on two wheels instead of four.If this is a mindset you live by and prefer to have
How do you want this venture to play out?
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) equals the Vios, Fortuner, Innova, and a handful of other auto industry staples that have made local roads their home. Hence, TMP equals cars, right? Not exactly.A day ago, perhaps you'd have been correct. But earlier
Is this the big break the local EV market has been waiting for?
Slowly but surely, electric-powered offerings have begun trickling into the Philippine auto market. That said, we're still a long way from saying the technology has planted its roots locally.Next year, though, the local EV industry might finally be getting
Heads up!
Well, this is it: The newest Cavitex-C5 Link Flyover Extension segment is finally opening this weekend after a slight delay.Segment 3A2, which runs from Merville to Eugolio Rodriguez Avenue in Parañaque City, was supposed to open sometime in July
‘Wala bang barangay dito?’
Sometimes, having to perform simple car repairs-like replacing a flat tire-on the side of the road can't be helped. But turning part of a public thoroughfare into your personal repair shop? Frankly, that's a bit much.Drive around
As expected
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently announced the extension of the validity of driver's licenses and other documents expiring this month. As expected, the agency is also doing the same for the motor vehicle registration of select vehicles.The LTO has
The agency recently conducted an inspection of the project
In June, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) shared images of the progress it's made in building the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR). While the photos showed that the stations being built are still in the construction phase, it was clear there
August 15 to 17 is a dry run only
Earlier today, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) finally announced that the number coding scheme will once again cover morning rush hours. In case you missed it, you can read our report about it here.The agency has released a new statement,
Will this make it into law?
Well, here's a timely development amidst all the no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) issues: A new bill that aims to compensate motorists apprehended for unfair traffic violations has been filed in congress.House Bill no. 3366 is also referred to as "
Ahead of the start of the school year
It's official: The number coding scheme in Metro Manila has been expanded.Following a meeting earlier today held with the Metro Manila Council, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced that the number coding scheme will now cover both morning
In some cases, used units cost more than brand-new ones
Japanese consumers are really beginning to feel the hurt caused by Toyota's supply chain issues. And no, we aren't just referring to long wait times and halted reservations.A new report by Nikkei Asia has revealed that Toyota's supply
The Fuel Your Fortune Promo runs until October 30, 2022
Heads up, Caltex customers: Chevron Philippines (CPI) is marking the return of its Fuel Your Fortune raffle promo. From August 8 to October 30, 2022, the company will be handing out a lot of prizes and freebies to lucky motorists.For the
Say what?
Remember when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) mentioned how illegally parked vehicles keep returning after the agency finishes its clearing operations? Here's proof.During one of the agency's recent clearing ops in Quezon City, MMDA personnel apparently ticketed a
Will this issue be resolved soon?
Yesterday, Metro Manila's no-contact apprehension programs (NCAP) came under fire from no less than the country's Land Transportation Office (LTO). The agency even went as far as to call for the policy's suspension while local government units (LGU)
Would something like this actually work?
We've seen a lot of ideas on how to solve traffic here in Metro Manila over the years. Remember the car-brand coding scheme and the one-way traffic scheme for EDSA and C5? Well, there's a new proposal that'
The Parañque Spillway Project seeks to stop Laguna Lake from overflowing
Flooding has been a long-time problem in Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. However, the floods seem to be worsening over the years, and it has further raised concern among authorities.To help address this, the Department of
The saga continues
After threatening to get a new IT provider in order to speed up the motor-vehicle registration process, Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Teofilo Guadiz III has now said that replacing its current provider Dermalog was "never the intention" of the agency.
Have you tried this facility?
One convenient way to go about saving fuel these days is to park your car near a public terminal and take public transportation instead. If you're looking for a viable parking spot down south to do this, you might want to
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