Safety first
Despite the changing Philippine labor landscape, especially 24/7 BPO operations, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said in a statement that 24-hour operations for the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) may not be implemented any time soon, as the
In the end, it’ll still be you—the licensed rider—at fault, anyway
No matter what happens, passengers' lives will always be in the hands of the person operating the vehicle, whether it's a two-wheeled motorcycle or a four-wheeled car. However, it's also the responsibility of the driver or the rider
Travel between Camarines Sur and Albay via train is once again possible
The old train route connecting Naga in Camarines Sur to Ligao City in Albay has officially reopened as of Monday, July 31, giving Bicolanos more options for transport via the Philippine National Railways (PNR).OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:Does the
As the government lifts COVID-19 protocols
The pandemic isn't quite over just yet-there are still COVID-19 cases being reported around the globe-but we can all probably agree that the worst is behind us. Economies are recovering, establishments are reopening, and more and more people
Government work and classes have been suspended around the capital
The president's second State of the Nation Address (SONA) is happening today. As such, number coding has been suspended in Metro Manila. Government work and classes in areas affected by the SONA have also been suspended.But that's not the
Now that’s one way to charge while riding
Ladies and gentlemen, Chinese company Jiangsu SnailZhixing Technology has solved mobility: meet the Solar Scooter. As the name directly suggests, it's a solar-powered two-wheeler.It looks as quirky as the entire idea itself-it basically looks like an electric
A pretty bizarre but funny encounter
There are only two kinds of sabaw in this world: sabaw because you've been doing too much work or sabaw because it's a Monday and thus your brain refuses to start working.A commuter that goes by the name of
Here are the full trip schedules
Several COMET units were deployed in different areas of the metro throughout the pandemic to address transport-related issues. These electric buses, however, aren't just band-aid solutions as some of you might think-they're actually legitimately viable alternatives.We'
You can also use clean toilets for P20
One of the worst parts about Metro Manila commute? Having to get dressed up nicely before leaving the house, only to get shoved around on the bus and arrive at the office all sweaty and looking like a basketcase. If you know,
You can’t make this up
Fell asleep on the bus and missed your stop? Don't worry, you're not alone. Every commuter knows this. Sleeping on the bus is normal. Sleeping past your stop is a pretty common scenario.But to fall into way too deep
Here’s what you need to know about the ongoing jeepney phaseout
The government's public utility vehicle modernization program (PUVMP) has been the subject of endless debates over the past few weeks. It was what led to the week-long transport strike that was eventually cut short after an initial dialogue between Malacañ
And it only costs P1.3 million without the A/C
The jeepney, whether you like it or not, has become a cultural symbol of the Philippines-and as news of the PUV modernization program (PUVMP) being met with pushback continues, one transport group has come forward with a modern jeepney that might
The strike was supposed to last the entire week
Transport groups earlier this week called for a week-long strike in protest of the government's PUV modernization program, or what's more commonly called the jeepney phaseout.Today, transport groups Manibela and Piston have called an early end to the
Balibago-BGC buses are also set to make a comeback
We have some good news for commuters from south of the metro: HM Transport is now reopening its Laguna-BGC bus routes.Starting January 30, 2023, bus trips from Nuvali to BGC, Balibago to BGC, and Pacita to Market! Market! will once
We get to see what this e-bike really has to offer
There's been a lot of hype surrounding the Sundiro Honda S07. How do we know? Well, the first launch story and even the initial videos and reels we put out on Top Gear Philippines all went viral.Lucky for you guys
Good news, commuters
Unlike some overly positive individuals out there, we reckon a lot of commuters weren't exactly excited to go back to work at the start of the year. It's not just because of the current state of public transport in the
In case you missed it, the government’s Libreng Sakay program just ended
Out of all the significant changes we're dealing with at the turn of the year, this one might be the biggest for a lot of commuters: the end of the Libreng Sakay program for the EDSA Busway.Effective January 1, the
More access points for commuters using the busway
Some pleasant news for commuters to start 2023: The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has officially opened the new EDSA Busway Tramo Station.EDSA Carousel passengers may now aboard or alight the buses via this new station located in Pasay City. It is
Should this be a regular thing again?
Here's a very important announcement for commuters this holiday season: The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has confirmed that provincial buses will be allowed to ply EDSA from December 24, 2022 to January 3, 2023.Buses coming from North Luzon should
Heads up, commuters
In case you missed it, Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) suspended the operations of the LRT-1 line over the weekend. Not for routine checkups and maintenance, though-it was in preparation for today's reopening of the Roosevelt Station.It seems
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