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The Mazda CX-30 looks sharp, but what exactly is the point of this crossover?
The former was recently launched in Cambodia as an all-new Territory model
In late April, Ford Cambodia and its dealers started posting teasers for an all-new 2023 Ford Territory, a rebadged version of the Equator Sport. As a refresher, the Equator Sport is a compact five-seater version of the mid-size seven-
It has the ability to win over the critics
The Ford Territory was a bit of a surprise entry in the compact crossover market. Introduced in August 2020 (and right by the height of the pandemic), it has since become one of Ford's top sellers. Over 10,000 Territory crossovers
The brand’s lineup is downsizing
There used to be a time when the Chevrolet Trailblazer warranted consideration among the country's top midsize SUVs. Sure, it wasn't going to touch the Toyota Fortuner or Mitsubishi Montero Sport in terms of unit sales-but it had a
A big milestone for the model
It looks like Ford Philippines isn't having any issues selling the Territory here in the Philippines.The American car manufacturer has just announced that the compact crossover has breached the 10,000-unit sales mark in the country. It's selling
Another stylish Chinese contender
MG Philippines was supposed to launch several models in 2020, but like everyone else, it had to put its plans on hold-and it wasn't until just recently, a full two years later-that the carmaker was able to make good
Infused with the Leaf's proven reliability
Nissan's electric crossover, the Ariya, is a bit sportier to drive than some of its peers, but really, you'll be drawn to it or repelled by it because of its looks. The Japanese carmaker has gone big on the idea
Oh, well
Less than two weeks ago, MG Philippines introduced the HS compact crossover to the Philippine market. Technically, the model is new because it's the first time it's been offered to buyers around these parts. But on a regional scale? It
A compact crossover with subcompact pricing
Say hello to the new HS. This is MG Philippines' newest compact crossover. This was originally scheduled to arrive in 2020, but of course, the pandemic happened. And yes, 'neat' is one way to put it, because this is one sleek-looking
Check out the teaser inside
Given the way gas prices are soaring, you'd be forgiven for setting aside your dreams of owning a performance car to opt for something more economical. What's the sting of settling for an econobox compared to five years of shedding
We tried out the purely gasoline-powered one this time
There's no better way to find out the real fuel efficiency of a vehicle than to drive it normally in real-world conditions. For this fuel-economy run, we took the Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8 G CVT-the gasoline-powered
It’s not just the Silverado that will have an EV version in 2023
Well, that escalated quickly. But perhaps, considering the rate of automotivedom's electrification, not quickly enough.Right after debuting the Silverado EV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Chevrolet also confirmed that electric versions of the Equinox and the Blazer will be
Another budget-friendly compact crossover has entered the fray
It's been a busy end of the year for GAC Motor Philippines. In the fourth quarter alone, the carmaker has already launched two new models in the GN8 Master's Edition and the updated GS8. Now, it is unveiling yet another
Another milestone for the carmaker and its compact crossover
The Territory has been a huge hit for Ford Philippines since its arrival last year, and so far, 2021 has been just as big for the compact crossover. After bagging numerous wins at the 2020 Top Gear Awards, it went on to
And weird name aside, it actually sounds promising
We think we know what happened here. The team tasked with naming Toyota's new electric car-its first production electric car, believe it or not-caved under the pressure. They procrastinated, played Solitaire, went online shopping...and then involuntarily blurted out
Will it find success in our crossover-obsessed market?
You might think it's a no-brainer, considering the insane popularity of crossovers, to build one based on the best-selling car of all time. And that's exactly what Toyota did in 1994, when it released the RAV4, a plastic-
Mazda’s i-Activ AWD system now comes as standard across the range
The Mazda CX-5 has always been one of the more stylish models in its segment. It appears as if Mazda wasn't satisfied with the look just yet, though, because it has now unveiled the crossover sporting a new redesign.The
Everything just appears much more streamlined
Yes, it sure is. It's the all-new Kia Sportage-equal parts edgy and macho. If you ask us, it's a pretty sizeable improvement over the previous generation's appearance, too.You could say that, but it's not like
The new Vitara AllGrip will be launched on May 28
Mark your calendars, folks, especially if you're in the market for an all-wheel-drive compact crossover. Suzuki Philippines has just announced that it will be launching the Vitara AllGrip-AllGrip being the moniker for Suzuki's AWD technology-on May
This model deserves way more attention
Yes, that's right. The Toyota Corolla Cross is our first-ever Underrated Car of the Year winner. We know what some of you are thinking: "A Toyota not getting enough attention? Are you guys for real?" Let us explain.That isn'
Powertrain options include the e-Power hybrid setup first seen on the Note
This is it-the all-new, third-generation Nissan Qashqai unmasked for the very first time. Striking, isn't it? Nissan says it's more "muscular, sharp and modern" than before. We just can't get over how many creases there are.
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