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It was called the SYNus. Yep, and it was spelled that way
At first glance, it looks like an armored van. At second glance, it still looks like an armored van. Even at a very long, quite searching third glance, it still really does give the impression of being an armored van.And that'
What do you think of this concept?
To this day, we still feel the heartache from when we first heard that Mitsubishi was discontinuing the Lancer. It's arguably one of the Japanese carmaker's most popular nameplates, with or without the Evo badge.In today's market riddled
Not really the most elegant solution...
That's...actually a question that's hard to answer in one sentence. It's called the Dock+Go, which, going just by the name, could really be anything from an old-school iPod dock to a bike-share system. As you
The TIGER X-1 can bring emergency supplies to otherwise inaccessible places
Welcome to Hyundai's latest 'ultimate mobility vehicle,' or UMV. The TIGER-short for 'Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot,' obviously-is the follow-up to 2019's tremendous Elevate concept. Essentially, it's an autonomous four-legged, four-wheeled robot designed to
With a little nudge from the German government 
This is the Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000 concept, presented at the 1981 Frankfurt Motor Show and billed as the car for the new millennium. It was Merc's answer to a challenge laid down by the German government's research ministry (along
A working prototype actually existed
Come on, people...what does it look like? It's a Mercedes-Benz controlled by joysticks. It's called the F200 Imagination concept and, at least on the surface, it looks...really well done, actually. But then again, it would, given that
This will be the first model launched under the company’s new brand vision
This... is Lexus' new concept car. Frankly, we're not that sure what to make of it.Is it a coupe? Is it a crossover? Heck, we can't even say for certain which end of the car this is. That does
It had four doors, rear seats, and a W16 with 547hp
Volkswagen bought the Bugatti brand back in 1998 and quickly set about fretting what to do with it. Italdesign helped with the EB118 concept in 1998, and Volkswagen quickly took things on a step by commissioning this four-door coupe, the EB218,
This concept’s production version will be launched in three years’ time
One glance at this crisp little concept puts one number in your mind. Five. Yup, it's a new Renault 5. No surprise that it's being revived as an electric car. And there will be a hot-hatch Alpine version.It'
Looking for a way to steer clear of COVID-19 without being cooped up by yourself inside a room all day? According to experts, staying outside is one way of keeping safe from the virus.No, not at an air-conditioned mall
It’s been revealed for the first time only now
Remember those unseen, secret Porsche concept cars? From the alternative universe where Stuttgart decided to build fewer SUVs and more sports cars, and bring even more Le Mans tech to the road? Good. You're in for an extra treat.Here's
Complete with theoretical specs
We all miss the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the iconic turbocharged all-wheel-drive rally car for the road. What if the Japanese carmaker resurrected its Evolution model-but this time based on the little Mirage?We should note that a heavily modified
Some styling cues are seen on modern production cars
The story goes that back in the late '90s, Volkswagen boss Ferdinand Piech decided his empire was going to build the world's fastest, most powerful supercar. Only he didn't know what badge it was going to have. The Big Man
What could’ve been
In 1980, Lamborghini wasn't in a good way, in so far as it didn't really have any money. To show its support for the Raging Bull, Bertone brought this thing to that year's Turin Motor Show. Based on a
It’s called the ‘GT-R (X) 2050’
This is a Nissan GT-R. It's no ordinary GT-R, though. Heck, it's not even an ordinary car.This is called the 'GT-R (X) 2050' conceptualized by Nissan Design America (NDA) intern Jaebum 'JB' Choi. The concept originated
Our PlayStation consoles are so ready for this
Welcome to the very latest in a long, long line of spectacular hypercars designed exclusively for Gran Turismo. The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV, a development of last year's Vision Gran Turismo Coupe, is coming to the series next year-remains
That’s also a plug-in hybrid
Listen up, carmakers of the world. Research surveying 2,000 people has resulted in a scientific calculation of the world's ultimate car. And it's good news if you're Aston Martin or Audi, because you're responsible for pretty much
Welcome, Internet, to some of Zuffenhausen’s best-kept secrets
Welcome inside a Porsche designer's brain. No, they don't just phone in a same-again 911 and head off to das beerhall.Porsche's designers, like us, wonder what a road-going Le Mans car would look like, or if
What a colorful decade
This enticing collection of straight lines and right angles is the Citroen Zabrus concept car from 1986. It might look fairly low-key now, but believe it or not this was a futuristic bit of kit when it was unveiled.Everyone gets
This RS6 GTO concept was designed by Audi Sport interns
Flipping heck. Hands up if you weren't quite ready for this. We weren't. This is the Audi RS6 GTO, and it's barking mad in the very best sort of way."Is there anything the Audi RS6 can't do?"
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