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VW hasn't given up on the wagon
Brace, everyone-we're about to bring you some actual good news from the world of motoring. Volkswagen has not given up on the estate car. In fact, it's bringing it into the next generation with an all-new EV previewed
“A new design interpretation for Kia’s future electric vehicles”
Meet the Kia Futuron, the winner of concept-car buzzword bingo. Its name is a combination of 'future' and 'on,' we're told, "hinting at the switched-on, electric nature" of Kia's next line of SUVs.It's not just an
It features two 60kWh batteries from the Bolt EV
Welcome to what Chevy's calling "the future of hot rodding." Built for this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas, it's a 1962 C-10 pick-up with a special "Connect & Cruise" electric powertrain.The E-10 Concept (see what
It is inspired by trains from the ’30s and ’40s
Earlier this week we brought you news of the all-electric truck being designed by Volta Trucks and engineered by Prodrive. The two companies are aiming for 161km of range and a top speed of 80kph from a fairly standard battery plus
The technology already exists
We all know how stunning the Lexus LF-30 Electrified concept car looks like, and we were present for its unveiling at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. An added bonus during our trip to Japan, though, was the chance to experience some
Just not in real life
Jaguar knows how to design a pretty car, and even a handsome EV-the I-Pace is a looker, says us, and who'd dare disagree? But Jag's young team of designers has outdone itself here. This is the Vision Gran
These designs did not disappoint
If you thought Daihatsu's concept designs revealed prior to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show were quirky enough, you should see the vehicles in the metal.The concepts definitely piqued our interest-and apparently our readers', too-when they first surfaced cyberspace.
Proof that electric cars can be exciting
Lexus unveiled its plans for an electrified future at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. And by the look of things, the brand has something special that can get even the most jaded car guys excited. There's no denying that the LF-
Unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show
Say hello to the Ariya and IMk concepts. One's a crossover, the other's a kei car, but Nissan says both of its concepts unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show will be available to drive in production-EV form sooner
The carmaker’s Tokyo Motor Show display reaffirms its commitment to PHEV tech
At the ongoing 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi is showing off what it does best: vans and four-wheel-drive vehicles. The carmaker has revealed its Mi-Tech crossover concept and the very Japanese Super Height K-Wagon concept.The Mi-Tech
Taking remote working to another level
Remote working is being embraced by forward-thinking companies in the Philippines, our very own Summit Media included. But sometimes, you really need to be on the move. On days that you cannot do your work from home or a cozy coffee
It stands for ‘Extreme Military-Grade Truck‘
Does Jeep have its eye on joining the US Army in the near future? If its latest concept is any indication, this might just be the case.Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has just unveiled the Gladiator XMT-a tactical version of its
The company will let people test this self-driving car next year
Toyota isn't just bringing its fancy Mirai limo to this month's Tokyo Motor Show-the LQ Concept is coming, too.Of course the LQ is powered by electricity-Toyota says it has a range of about 300km. But central to
The names are pretty quirky, too
The Tokyo Motor Show is a rich seam for madness. Thus we look forward to its opening in much the same way we do Christmas. And just like an advent calendar spewing out chocolate on a daily basis, Japan's domestic carmakers
A mix of old-school looks and futuristic tech
Brace, brace for some extreme oddness. Suzuki has announced its theme for this year's Tokyo Motor Show.The name of that theme? "Waku Waku Switch for Everyone: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone."Yep, we did say it was slightly strange.
This has us even more excited for Tokyo this year
For decades, Nissan has consistently developed electric city commuter concepts. As we near this year's Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), the Japanese carmaker is celebrating almost 50 years of innovation with these two quirky wallpapers-a mobile and desktop version, of course.
14 cars will be showcased in total
We finally have an idea what Nissan has up its sleeve for this year's Tokyo Motor Show (TMS). For 2019, the Japanese car manufacturer will be showcasing everything from futuristic new concepts to glorified performance beasts.If you're interested in
It can accommodate three people "on a long-term basis"
People keep trying to squish themselves into studio flats in the city. Why do we do it to ourselves? What we all really need is to get out of the city and into one of Peugeot's latest concept vehicles-the Boxer
We can totally get behind this
This is the Vision Mercedes Simplex concept, and it will never be put into production. Nope. Not a chance. Won't see the light of day. Ever.Still, looks fantastic, doesn't it? It's clearly just a design exercise to blend
European engineering at its finest
If you live on this side of the world like we do, then chances are you didn't make it to this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.Then again, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the action-
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