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The production version is coming soon
If you find yourself strolling around Newport Mall around mid-June, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for a concept car around the area. From June 16 to 18, 2023, Mitsubishi will be displaying one of its latest concept cars
With the help of the man who originally designed it
This is not the very first Hyundai. For that, you can look back to the carmaker's collaboration with Ford in 1967, assembling the Cortina at its Ulsan factory in South Korea.But it is the very first Hyundai, because it's
Just put it into production, please, BMW
Salut, Il Commendatore, for had it not been for thine holy refusal to grant Count Volpi a Ferrari 250 GTO back in the '60s-on account of him stealing thine employees-the signor would never have built a one-off that single-
Does that include... taste?
Toyota has revealed these here electric concepts-the bZ Sport Crossover and bZ FlexSpace-at the Auto Shanghai, promising that both will be launched in China from 2024.The former is a crossover developed jointly by Toyota and BYD (you remember them,
The Japanese carmaker has previewed its new concepts
Honda has been busy. As part of its quest to have an entirely electric lineup in China by 2035, the Japanese brand has revealed two prototypes and a new concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show.The e:NP2 and e:NS2
by Cat Dow
Maybe they should bring back the Mini Cruiser name
Back in 2021, Toyota showed a range of concepts that will eventually become its EV lineup. Among these was a small crossover (or SUV) inspired by the classic J40 Series Land Cruiser. Toyota has been quiet about that particular concept, but there
This is nothing like your neighbor's ZS
This looks very much like the new MG Cyberster. And we know this because earlier this week the internet was awash with pictures and details of it leaked via a Chinese government website. Oops.OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:An automatic
Meet the baby EV9
There's still a lot of fanfare surrounding the Kia EV9 that was just unveiled a few weeks ago. From its concept car styling to its airy, minimalist interior, the production EV9 is a glimpse of the South Korean automaker's EV
Sure, a “concept”
By now, you probably know that Mitsubishi will premiere the next-gen Strada within the year. But to hype up the new truck, the Japanese automaker has decided to reveal it during this year's Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS 2023). Mind
Camping in style
What if you take two icons in the auto travel world and brief them to make an equally iconic campervan concept? That's the question Studio F. A. Porsche and Airstream asked themselves when they created this classy travel trailer.Alive in
by Cat Dow
A nearly 20-year-old legend resurfaces
In 2004, Land Rover did something it'd never done in its 56-year history: a concept car. It was called the Range Rover Stormer-a Lambo-doored Range Rover coupe with the supercharged 4.2-litre V8 usually found in Jaguar'
Build this, please
Nissan's family of concept cars first unveiled in November 2021 showcased a triplet of cringe-worthy names attached to a trio of very uniquely styled cars. One of those has now transitioned into real life: behold, an actual, physical 'Max-Out'
What a novel idea
You'll want to take a look at this: it's the Audi activesphere, the fourth and final concept in a series that started with the skysphere roadster, grandsphere GT, and urbansphere MPV. Only this one's a crossover, pickup truck, AR
The annual Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) is one of the biggest automotive showcases the country of Japan has to offer. That said, you need to do a lot if you want to stand out from the rest of the show's exhibitors.
’80s icons modernized for the electric age
Top Gear Philippines' associate editor Sharleen Banzon pitched the idea of reviving the original '80s-era City hatchback and its tiny Motocompo 'trunk bike' companion after she discovered the Sundiro Honda S07 was still too big for a compact SUV.As a
They’re electric and hydrogen-powered concepts from the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon
Pretty much every single car manufacturer out there is now going big on carbon neutrality. They may have different approaches to achieve it, but the end results are all the same-cutting carbon emissions across the board.Toyota, for one, hasn't
Does this look like a Suzuki SUV to you?
Are you a fan of the Suzuki Jimny (which, by the way, now has a five-door version)? Well, enjoy it while it lasts-because the brand's future SUVs might look significantly different.This is the all-electric Suzuki eVX Concept.
Is that a hint of E36 we see there at the back?
BMW has resurrected an old name for its new electric car. And this isn't it. This isn't BMW's new, erm, 'Neue Klasse' - a reference describing its game-changing sedans from the Sixties that morphed into what we now know
We could sit on these all day
Think of seats. No, not car seats-just regular old chairs. What are the first names to come to mind? Probably Ikea, Secret Lab, or Herman Miller, right?Why bring this up? Because after seeing what Toyota is bringing to the 2023
At least it’s matte
Black plastic cladding? When it comes to cars, you either love or hate the stuff. If you plan on reading further, we hope it's the former that applies.Subaru has released new images of its upcoming 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon display,
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