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Which of these do you think the carmaker should bring to life?
We're big on concepts here at Top Gear PH. And we're simple gearheads, too. We see a nice sketch, we press like.And quite recently, we've been treated to a series of interesting truck concepts from General Motors. GM
Warning: If you suffer easily from cuteness overload, you might not want to read about this car. Seriously, it's the automotive equivalent of a kitten. Look at that little face, it's so sweet! It won't leave puddles of oil
Are you digging this design?
To call the local midsize SUV scene competitive would be a massive understatement. With hot-selling offerings like the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Nissan Terra, and Ford Everest, the segment is arguably the most cutthroat in the business here. In terms of sales,
This has to happen
Chop the front end off of an old-school Land Rover Defender, retain the face, and basically transform an iconic SUV into a go-anywhere van. Now there's an idea likely to be met by more than a few raised eyebrows.
A forgotten concept from the 2007 Paris Motor Show
You can calm down for a start, there's probably a Zoom link you can use. And what are you doing reading our website? Anyway, back in 2006, such newfangled technologies weren't as irritatingly widespread, and you'd actually have to
If you don’t build it, others will
Well this is quite a thing, isn't it? The Rolls-Royce Wraith-long the coolest modern Rollers-has been turned into a shooting brake. Our cool dial has exploded and spread its contents across the floor.Called the Silver Spectre, it'
Good times
It was coming up on the Espace MPV's 10th birthday, and obviously, Renault wanted to celebrate this auspicious occasion (before the MPV was invented, large families would have to travel in two or even three separate cars and communicate with walkie-
What a crowdsourced hypercar looks like
Ford has revealed a new shape-shifting car called the Team Fordzilla P1.The Team Fordzilla P1 appears to be a two-seat hypercar, although no concrete details have been confirmed at this early stage; it's set for a full-scale
Way ahead of its time
Does your dream four-car garage consist of a sedan, a wagon, a convertible, and a pickup, but you simply don't have the room? Well Mercedes-Benz had just the thing for you at the 1995 Geneva International Motor Show-the '
It really is never over in a Rover
Picture the scene-it's 2139, you're in Mega-City One, the vastly built-up agglomeration of ozone-skimming concrete and steel that covers most of what used to be the eastern coast of the United States. The entire legal system
And no, it doesn’t actually fly
Well, hold on, it doesn't actually fly-it's just pretending to. This is the General Motors Firebird I concept from 1954-the first working gas turbine car in the US.Although it wasn't called the I when it was
Some are madder than the rest
In 1980, Lamborghini wasn't in a good way, in so far as it didn't really have any money. To show its support for the Raging Bull, Bertone brought this thing to that year's Turin Motor Show. Based on a
The same year the Toyota Prius was released
Whoa, hold your horses-it might still look fresh, but this is the Honda J-VX sports coupe concept from the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1997. It was the first time that the Japanese manufacturer's fancy new hybrid tech was
This could be what the future of BMWs looks like
Remember the BMW Next 100 from 2016? We don't blame you if you don't-the span since then is pretty much an era by auto industry standards, and the German carmaker has come up with plenty of memorable concept cars
Way ahead
Welcome, Internet, to the Heuliez Intruder Concept. Fantastic, isn't it? It's your lucky day, too, because this thing is currently for sale at DK Engineering. Here are seven reasons you absolutely must buy it:French coachbuilder Heuliez unveiled its wild
Built for the 2016 Milan Design Week
This is the Toyota Setsuna, a concept car built specially for the 2016 Milan Design Week. It's made of wood and looks slightly like a boat, but the fancy design types with expensive glasses must surely have lapped it up.Actually,
What do you think?
No, this isn't some macho new electric SUV from some up-and-coming manufacturer in the US. This is the Wuling Hong Guang X, a concept that hails from the People's Republic of China, and is another good step towards
It’s so...French
Actually, no. It's the spiritual grandfather of the Tesla, a Citroen concept from 1980. When it comes to home motor shows, there's a real pressure-you want to wow the domestic crowds and show the world that your home country
We can see this doing well in our market
Nissan has revealed its upcoming B-segment SUV for the Indian market, and it's officially called the Magnite.The vehicle made its debut in concept guise earlier today, showing off a compact form (about the same size as a Ford EcoSport)
It proved controversial among Bimmer fans
The Z9 Gran Turismo concept, which made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1999, was BMW's final two fingers to the century of the automobile courtesy of then-head of design Chris Bangle. It was intended to show off
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