Not all great ideas come into fruition
The Toyota C-HR, Mitsubishi Xpander, and even the Lamborghini Urus--what do all three of these vehicles have in common? Well besides an engine and four wheels, that is.Give up? All three of them started out as concept cars--manufacturers
Bigger than any Bimmer in history
Next year BMW promises to add to its crossover lineup not just with the small X2, but with the big X7.And. We. Mean. Big. This thumping great concept car is its precursor. The Concept X7 iPerformance will be revealed from under
Some kick-ass Civics at SEMA 2016
We don't need to tell you about how popular the Honda Civic is. One glance at a busy street will tell you all you need to know about the car's evergeen appeal among consumers. With this in mind, Honda has
Mouth-watering Trax and Colorado concepts
Motor show concept cars can usually give customers a good sense of what's to come from the brand, especially if the concepts are based on current production models. That's the approach that Chevrolet has taken at this year's SEMA
Pulling out all the stops
Hyundai is clearly doing this year's SEMA show properly, because it's added another two concepts to the now four-strong line-up it'll be bringing to the Las Vegas Convention Centre on November 1. First up is the Santa-
We compile 10 space-age automobiles
In the '90s, some of the most memorable Hollywood films for us were disaster flicks: Dante's Peak, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Volcano, Mars Attacks! We could go on and on, but if we had to pick a favorite, it would have to
What you can expect in the near future
Hyundai isn't exactly top-of-mind when it comes to high-performance motoring. It has the Veloster and the Genesis Coupe, but these are more funky than sporty in their demeanor. All this is set to change, however, with the arrival
Do you approve?
When it comes to small cars, Volvo isn't exactly the first name to pop into mind. Sure, it has had models like the C30, the S40 and the V40 wagon/hatch. But while the last one has been selling quite well,
Special editions are dubbed 'Geoseek'
On their own, both the ASX crossover SUV and the Strada pickup look decent straight off the factory floor. But Mitsubishi felt the pair could still use some cosmetic makeover to make them more appealing to "outdoor enthusiasts." Hence, the Geoseek concept
One of them is hydrogen-powered
We can't help but look forward to what Audi has up its sleeves whenever one of its displays goes up. As far back as we can recall, the brand has yet to disappoint innovation-wise. So what's next for Audi?
Unveiled at ongoing Detroit Auto Show
Volkswagen has revealed the Cross Coupe GTE Concept at the ongoing North American International Auto Show. A five-seater midsize SUV concept, the Cross Coupe GTE is a plug-in hybrid vehicle with all-wheel drive.Previewing the German carmaker's new
3 design concept models
The 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon will be held from January 9 to 11 at the Makuhari Messe in the Chiba prefecture of Japan. As it so happens, Subaru will have a display at the annual event, and the carmaker has revealed the
Including a car that you maneuver with your body
Five concept cars that Toyota is dubbing as next-generation vehicles will be on display at the Japanese carmaker\'s pavilion at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.Leading the pack is the FCV Concept, a fuel-cell vehicle that Toyota
Concept cars and planned production models
Honda Motor Company has revealed the product lineup it will display at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Since is mostly about cars, we\'ll skip the motorcycles and other machinery--like a robotic lawn mower--that will
To be displayed at Tokyo Motor Show
Last month, Mitsubishi teased us with a silhouette photo of three concept vehicles it was planning on displaying at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Because it was just a teaser, we couldn\'t make out much of the vehicles\' exterior designs. But
Next-generation replacement models?
Mitsubishi has revealed that it will unveil three concept SUVs at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show next month. The show cars will incorporate a new design identity \"that symbolizes the sense of security and functionality of an SUV.\"The Concept GC-PHEV
From Alfa Romeo to Zagato
The Gran Turismo franchise likes to call itself \"the real driving simulator,\" which is arguably true for video game consoles. While majority of the cars featured in the games are based on real-life vehicles, there have been a couple of concept
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