Not all great ideas come into fruition
The Toyota C-HR, Mitsubishi Xpander, and even the Lamborghini Urus--what do all three of these vehicles have in common? Well besides an engine and four wheels, that is.Give up? All three of them started out as concept cars--manufacturers
Bigger than any Bimmer in history
Next year BMW promises to add to its crossover lineup not just with the small X2, but with the big X7.And. We. Mean. Big. This thumping great concept car is its precursor. The Concept X7 iPerformance will be revealed from under
Some kick-ass Civics at SEMA 2016
We don't need to tell you about how popular the Honda Civic is. One glance at a busy street will tell you all you need to know about the car's evergeen appeal among consumers. With this in mind, Honda has
Mouth-watering Trax and Colorado concepts
Motor show concept cars can usually give customers a good sense of what's to come from the brand, especially if the concepts are based on current production models. That's the approach that Chevrolet has taken at this year's SEMA
Pulling out all the stops
Hyundai is clearly doing this year's SEMA show properly, because it's added another two concepts to the now four-strong line-up it'll be bringing to the Las Vegas Convention Centre on November 1. First up is the Santa-
We compile 10 space-age automobiles
In the '90s, some of the most memorable Hollywood films for us were disaster flicks: Dante's Peak, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Volcano, Mars Attacks! We could go on and on, but if we had to pick a favorite, it would have to
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