The search for the most seasoned Subie is on
Subaru owners, listen up: If you've had your Subie for quite a while and have racked up over 100,000km on its odometer, you're in luck. Motor Image Pilipinas, the Japanese carmaker's exclusive local distributor, is in search of
You deserve a break
Imagine if you could book a plane from your phone, just like an Uber, to take you across the ocean to a foreign land. We figure you'd take a lot more vacations since they're just a few swipes away. Well,
Buy a car, win a car
Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., Hyundai's official Philippine commercial and passenger vehicle distributor, is celebrating 16 strong years in the country via sweet deals and flexible payment schemes on a handful of vehicles in its lineup.The Hyundai "Thrivin' and Drivin' at
Here's how eating Chickenjoy can land you an SUV
Drive-thrus are great, aren't they? Okay, so maybe it's not the healthiest way to order your food. But when you're stuck in traffic or in a rush, it's a convenient way to grab a quick bite without
Check out Honda's special promos
It might only be October, but Honda Cars Philippines is already getting into the Christmas spirit. Right now, the Japanese carmaker is offering special low cash-out deals for the City, Mobilio, and HR-V. You can drive out of the dealership
Read the competition mechanics
Are you a young filmmaker or someone who passionately cares about the state of our public transportation (or both)? If your answer is yes, here's some news you might want to know about.Today, the Asian Development Bank announced a video
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