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Here are the newest Minis in town
There are a couple of new Minis in town, folks. Autohub Group and Mini Philippines have just launched the new Cooper S Convertible Seaside Edition and the Clubman Untold Edition. First up, the top down. This special Seaside Edition boasts snazzy colorways-
It's like it was meant to be a convertible
There's another gem that needs adding to the list of 'single sentence horror stories': "A tuner has revealed a modified version of the new Land Rover Defender 90". Chilling stuff.Except, Neils van Roij - the designer behind a lovely two-door
You tell us
Confirming Buddha's assertion that you cannot long hide the sun, moon, and stars, the convertible roof on Ferrari's new Roma Spider drops in just 13.5sec. After which you've got plenty of time to gaze up and chew over
Will electric convertibles become a thing?
Mini has revealed a new car. It is called the Mini Electric Convertible, and in a surprising turn of events, it is a Mini that is both 'electric' and 'convertible'.Building on the reception received by last summer's one-off electric
Build this, please
Nissan's family of concept cars first unveiled in November 2021 showcased a triplet of cringe-worthy names attached to a trio of very uniquely styled cars. One of those has now transitioned into real life: behold, an actual, physical 'Max-Out'
This thing looks like a lot of fun
The ever-popular Suzuki Jimny is known for many things. One of them is for being a great canvas for customization. We have proof of that-lots of 'em, actually.There's the Jimny Beans, the rat rod Jimny, the Jimny camper,
It makes its first public appearance after years inside the Porsche Museum
Deploying even a hazy understanding of human activity and its appetite for the strange, there's little doubt this very unusual motor car would have sold by the truckload. Welcome to the Porsche Cayenne convertible that never was.Well, it was, but
It will be auctioned off in 2023; proceeds will help fund blood cancer research
The late, great Craig Sager was one of the NBA's most colorful icons-literally. The man was known to sport the quirkiest and brightest suits you'll ever see on a basketball court, and it became his signature throughout his years
It’s called the Beat, and it's going under the hammer via BringATrailer
The S2000 is arguably one of Honda's most famed nameplates. Like the legendary Civic SiR, the coveted S2000 has amassed a cult following over the decades. It's no surprise that secondhand prices for the two-door convertible have remained steep
It has what BMW calls a ‘panel bow’ soft top
As surely as night follows day, BMW has followed up the M4 Competition with this. This is the M4 Competition Convertible.A perfect car for this rainy, royal throne of kings, then, this sceptered isle. We'll start at the top. The
Sadly, you could only buy it in ‘Gran Turismo 6’
This is the Suzuki Concept S2, which was revealed to a very excitable world at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003. Ah, what a golden occasion that was-debuts were made for the likes of the MkV Golf and the Jaguar X-
We prefer the convertible
Top or no top? That is the question. No, not that top. We know it's summer, but leave your shirts on, people. We're referring to those of you who've been awaiting what Mini's had planned for its John
We wouldn’t mind drying our hair with this one
The displays at this year's Auto Shanghai has been quite impressive so far, but this newly unveiled convertible is easily one of the most interesting cars we've seen throughout the entire show. Ladies and gents, meet the Wuling Hong Guang
Should this car exist as a convertible?
Here is an unofficial render of the new Toyota 86 minus its metal roof. The next-gen model was revealed a few days ago, a 232hp twin to the latest Subaru BRZ, and proof that Toyota's Gazoo Racing brand is happy
Courtesy of his wife, actress Gabrielle Union
Former NBA player Dwyane Wade is one lucky man. For Father's Day, he received a vintage 1974 Ford Bronco from his wife, actress Gabrielle Union. And now, for Wade's birthday, his better half decided to give him yet another vintage
The duality of a car guy's life
We all have our weaknesses-Paddy McGuinness can be rendered speechless by a flump, and mine, for my sins, is a good value convertible. Almost always a car I should detest.How many of you, like me, spent the majority of the
Trust the Californians to do this
Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) has revealed its latest piece of automotive surgery: the Tesla Model 3 convertible. Do not adjust your eyes.Tesla itself, you will note, does not sell any convertible cars. It has in the past-it started out with
The price is estimated at around P10 million
Here's something to look forward to later on this year: the imminent launch of the Lexus LC500 Convertible. Yes, the same vehicle that Lexus sold back in January for a staggering $2 million (more than P100 million) is arriving in the
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