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Mid-cycle update has us drooling
Now on its sixth iteration, Maserati's flagship sedan gets a subtle yet stylish refresh after three years on the market. The Quattroporte's original 2013 look receives nifty updates like a new front grille with active shutters that help reduce drag.
Including the adjusted prices
The sixth-generation Mitsubishi Mirage has been a cash cow for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines since the company officially launched it in our market four years ago. In October 2012 alone, MMPC delivered 1,098 units to eager buyers.Four years later, does
First seen in UK market
While the Vios may be the best-selling Toyota--or any model for that matter--in our market, for the rest of the world the Corolla is still the Japanese brand's sales king. This compact car accounts for about 20% of
Help bring this show vehicle to market
I was a media guest of Chevrolet at this year's Bangkok International Motor Show. As such, I had the privilege of witnessing within an arm's length the centerpieces at the American carmaker's display booth, which were unveiled just before
Popular SUV gets tasteful update
When you buy a compact SUV, it's with a grudging acceptance that your fun motoring days are behind you. You trade in excitement for versatility and utility--Recaros for child seats. That is, unless you own a Subaru Forester. This model,
A much-needed makeover for US market
In March last year, General Motors announced the discontinuation of the subcompact Sonic's production in the carmaker's facility in Rayong, Thailand, as part of its restructuring strategy in Southeast Asia. In the US market, however, the smallish Chevy continues to
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