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Sub-P1 million rides that parents will love
Parenthood is one of those pivotal 'adulting' milestones that comes with a lot of baggage. Literal baggage. Diapers, clothes, cleaning supplies, toys and strollers take up a lot of in-car real estate. With new laws mandating the use of car seats
Ride height is crucial
Dear Top Gear,My parents-due to age and health-now have a harder time getting in and out of a vehicle. Our sedan requires more lifting (from the knees) when alighting, while our SUV requires more climbing (with the arms) when
Meet the IMx Zero-Emission Concept
Consider this as the concept car that will start it all-Nissan's take on how cars are "powered, driven and integrated," that is. Launched at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the IMx Zero-Emission Concept is a crossover EV that is
A decent entry point into the AWD crossover segment
Over the span of my time with the SsangYong Korando, I was faced with one common line of questioning by friends and relatives who'd come across me and the test unit: Is it a China car?The answer is no, damn
It's more than just an update
The Chevrolet Trax isn't all-new, but the updates to its styling are indeed worthy of a mention. The Trax was recently unveiled at MIAS, but our first stint behind the wheel was in Bali, where General Motors International had prepared
Which one would you pick?
The HR-V is a nameplate we first encountered way back in the late '90s as the shoe of Voltes V. Today's HR-V is a slick piece of work, and arguably the best-looking Honda of the lot.The Japanese
More than just a punchline
There are cars that just epitomize cool. They draw you in with a tantalizing X-factor you just can't explain. The Top Gear TV show had a segment they called "Cool Wall." On it, they would decide--often arbitrarily--which cars
What an awesome-looking crossover
Remember the Toyota C-HR concept? For those who may have forgotten, it's the little crossover that was first seen at the Paris Motor Show in 2014, and once again in Frankfurt the following year. It's the vehicle concept that
Proudly Indian-made
The subcompact crossover segment is one of the fastest-growing segments globally. One popular example is the Ford EcoSport, which is selling like hotcakes in its primary markets, particularly in India and the Philippines. In fact, the segment is so popular that
We want this in PH market
It's official: Nissan is coming out with an all-new crossover based on the Kicks concept displayed at last year's Buenos Aires Motor Show. The vehicle's production version will retain the Kicks moniker; it will be sold globally, beginning
Watch it to believe
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. There are plenty of ways to customize a car. Some people go for the simple look via a few minor modifications. Others opt for
Elon Musk is a mad car nut
Tesla Motors CEO and product architect Elon Musk is a good-looking 44-year-old billionaire who also happens to be obsessed with technology. He is also the chief executive of aerospace company SpaceX. If you think the guy's profile sounds
Another crossover from the carmaker?
Last month, we wrote about Mazda's intriguing new crossover concept, the Koeru, which could quite possibly be a glimpse into the direction the Japanese carmaker is taking with regard to its crossover design language. Well, the Koeru finally made its world
Production may begin soon
After 20 years, the Toyota RAV4, just like its owners, has grown physically. The once-diminutive urban runabout now possesses dimensions that are closer to midsize-SUV stats. But with the likes of the Ford EcoSport and the Hyundai i20 Cross Sport
Now you know
Thanks to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we often feel like nothing can shock us on social media anymore. But the truth is that we still stumble upon surprises--both pleasant and otherwise--every now and then. Take this one for
Sales to start in January 2016
We know you've heard this one before--this rumor about the Nissan Juke small crossover coming to our market. Back in 2012, we ran a series of reports referring to said industry buzz, and you can read them here, here and
See list of exterior and interior add-ons
What's the first motoring thing that comes to mind when someone talks about urban environment? Maybe concrete roads, parking lots and traffic congestion? Not much struggle, basically. But sometimes, maneuvering a vehicle in an urban setting can be a challenge in
New concept SUV coming in August
It all began with the Honda CR-V. First seen in the mid-'90s, the Comfortable Runabout Vehicle, along with the Toyota RAV4, changed the automotive landscape by offering car-like driving mixed with all-weather capability. These were soon followed by
Watch as we get first dibs
Hyundai's latest addition to the crossover line definitely lives up to its potential. The i20 Cross Sport is a well-balanced combination of premium features and a durable build, perfect for the active lifestyle of an urban adventurer.The interior, previously
Spot the difference
When BMW first came out with the X range of Sports Activity Vehicles (BMW-speak for SUVs), the world--purists in particular--were up in arms about the whole concept. The mere thought of the blue-and-white propeller brand building off-
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