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Surprise, surprise. Toyota is once again number one in the latest J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index Study (SSI) in the country. The company beat 10 other mass-market car brands to claim the top spot.The global auto giant garnered a
Does your AT Fortuner have shift shock?
Consider this a follow-up report to a previous article we posted more than a month ago about the new Toyota Fortuner. You will recall that we wrote about the supposed "shift shock" issue plaguing automatic-transmission units of the new-generation
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With the launch of the new Toyota Fortuner--with its more efficient 2.8-liter diesel engine and upgraded six-speed automatic transmission--we've been hearing (and receiving) some complaints about jerkiness or "shift shock" in the gearbox. This more commonly
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Adapted from the Japanese holiday Kinro Kansha no Hi, or Labor Thanksgiving Day, the Kansha Festival by Motor Image Pilipinas is a week-long annual tradition designed to pamper Subaru customers.Also known as Subaru customer-appreciation week, the Kansha Festival is
We drop by the best showroom in town
It's been said that true wealth is being happy with just the things you have in life, of finding contentment with the cards you are dealt with.Now, if fate were to deal you cards good enough to buy you a
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Beleaguered automotive distributor Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has issued a letter addressed to Montero Sport customers, in a clear effort to reassure the latter that there is nothing wrong with their sport-utility vehicle. As you know, the popular midsize SUV is being
A hilarious way to protest
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. As a consumer, the most tragic thing that could ever happen to a car buyer is to end up with a vehicle unit so
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This one is a valuable lesson in customer care that all car companies in the Philippines can learn from.You see, we get a lot of complaints from car owners who are disappointed either with the quality of their vehicle or with
Straight from high-ranking company boss
These days, not only are carmakers keen on breaking sales records, they also want to offer the best customer experience. What is Ford doing to make sure its customers are happy?At a media roundtable meeting with Ford Motor Company executives in
All's well that ends well, we suppose
On October 18, we reported a complaint shared with us by a customer of Ford Manila Bay, who claimed his father had left an iPhone 5 inside the family's newly bought Everest, which was being serviced in the dealership when the
And he has incontrovertible proof
A Singapore-based Filipino--and first-time Ford customer--has told us a horror story you don't ever want to personally experience. Ramel Labian, a 35-year-old associate compliance officer at a bank in Singapore, narrates a very recent experience
And free parking, too
Members of the Petron Value Card loyalty program will be treated to some perks by the petroleum company during the 2014 season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines.Petron is reportedly giving away free tickets to UAAP games "to active
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Natural calamities may bring devastation, but they also bring out humanity's innate altruism. When super typhoon Yolanda ravaged the Visayas region, help poured in. Rehabilitating the affected towns naturally takes months--even years--and Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the official distributor
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