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Brace yourselves
A couple of years ago, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. 21-03, which essentially prohibited automotive and motorcycle dealerships to sell their products on an 'installment-only' basis.It looks like some dealerships still
Definitely not a good look
In a perfect world, no car owner would leave their casa disappointed. Sadly, the numerous horror stories going around make it clear this isn't the case.Overcharging is one of the most common accusations hurled at casas by motorists-everything from
‘Under warranty pa naman’
Why is it that many car owners are quick to dismiss trips to the casa as a ripoff? Well, the answer is simple: There are plenty of horror stories going around-not just regarding pricing, but the overall quality of service and
It’s basically a one-stop shop for all your customer needs
Toyota customers are in for a treat, as Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has just launched its new and upgraded myTOYOTA mobile app.The app is now available for download for both Android and iOS users. It is a one-stop shop for
This new service center is under the Autohub Group
The Autohub Group was pretty busy toward the end of 2019. It opened two new dealerships in the last few months of last year: the Ssangyong-Changan dealership in Manila in October, followed by the new Mini dealership in Pampanga in December.
Do you own any of their vehicles?
J.D. Power has released its Philippine after-sales customer satisfaction rankings for 2019, and this year, Mazda finds itself on top.The Japanese car manufacturer ranked first with a total score of 824. Mazda is followed by Nissan in second with
No more fly-by-night service operations for these European motorcycle brands
Have you ever owned an Aprilia or Moto Guzzi bike?These two awesome European marques have made several attempts to establish a foothold in the Philippines, to no avail. The main reason: Most Aprilia and Moto Guzzi units-either from the gray
Here's how Regan King bagged the first H-D showroom in Mindanao region
What does it take to own a Harley-Davidson dealership? For Regan King, dealer principal of H-D of Cebu, it's not as easy as many people might think.King opened the doors of his second H-D showroom on JP
Can you guess the rest of the top 10?
For the second year in a row, Honda is the country's leading manufacturer when it comes to after-sales customer satisfaction. This is according to the results of J.D. Power's 2018 Customer Service Index released earlier today.Honda led
Always value others' time
Because you're reading this website, we're assuming that you're as much of a fan of cars and driving as we are. Cars are aspirational, and finally having the power to buy and own one is a major milestone. So
Followed by Isuzu and Kia
Surprise, surprise. Toyota is once again number one in the latest J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index Study (SSI) in the country. The company beat 10 other mass-market car brands to claim the top spot.The global auto giant garnered a
Does your AT Fortuner have shift shock?
Consider this a follow-up report to a previous article we posted more than a month ago about the new Toyota Fortuner. You will recall that we wrote about the supposed "shift shock" issue plaguing automatic-transmission units of the new-generation
How does your favorite brand rank?
Last year, the Philippine automotive industry registered a record sales total of 320,677 units, up 20% from the previous year. And there are no signs of said industry sales abating in 2016. With all these chart-breaking sales figures from most
Perfect for the rainy season
To be honest, we've lost track of how many times we've reminded motorists to be extra cautions on the road during the rainy season. Keep your eyes on the road, drive slowly, check your tires, keep your get
Read this if you own or will buy one
With the launch of the new Toyota Fortuner--with its more efficient 2.8-liter diesel engine and upgraded six-speed automatic transmission--we've been hearing (and receiving) some complaints about jerkiness or "shift shock" in the gearbox. This more commonly
Wants to keep customers for life
Ford Philippines is on a roll, for sure. In 2015, the American carmaker officially leapfrogged Hyundai for third place in our market in terms of sales, moving a total of 25,372 units--this after having been fifth overall just behind Honda
So incompetent you will cry
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The salesperson is the customer's first meaningful contact with a car brand. We don't care how glossy an automotive company's advertising
Running until February 7th
Adapted from the Japanese holiday Kinro Kansha no Hi, or Labor Thanksgiving Day, the Kansha Festival by Motor Image Pilipinas is a week-long annual tradition designed to pamper Subaru customers.Also known as Subaru customer-appreciation week, the Kansha Festival is
Promises to take care of customers
Yesterday, we announced the return of the SsangYong brand to our market via an established and credible distributor called SsangYong Berjaya Motor Philippines (which, as its name so obviously implies, is backed up by the Berjaya Group of Malaysia, the same conglomerate
Removes previous 100,000km cap
If you still have ancient doubts about the quality of Korean cars--well, Hyundai in particular--local distributor Hyundai Asia Resources Incorporated has boldly modified its already formidable five-year warranty to reflect its confidence in its cars. The Korean carmaker has
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