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If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.The most intense in-car lip-synch video you'll see this year. YouTuber Motoki turns a mundane ride with a driver into a
How much are the variants now?
You may not notice it just by looking, but the Toyota Vios, the best-selling car in the Philippine market, just got significantly better. That's because the subcompact sedan has just received new NR-series Dual VVT-i engines and a
A total of 2,431 cars are affected
Honda Cars Philippines has announced that select units of the 2014 City and the 2015 Jazz may be experiencing problems with their electronic control units (ECU). The company says that the problem was discovered during an evaluation of the vehicles.The evaluation
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Remember the Mitsubishi ASX? Well, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has just informed us that the improved 2015 edition is now available in two variants, the GLS and the higher GSR, both front-wheel-drive and both equipped with an upgraded CVT. Their suggested
Car technology has evolved in span of less than two decades
I'm speeding along an open road, moving up the gears, with engine noise music to my ears, feeling the road through my seat and the rim of the steering wheel, with senses attuned to what's happening in front of me.
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