More LGUs should take notes from this initiative
If you've ever had to drag a bicycle up or down a staircase, then you know just how difficult that task can be. Can you imagine how big of a hassle that is for anyone who commutes daily to the office?
The MMDA logged a total of 2,397 bicycle-related road crashes in 2021
In a recent story, we pointed out how sideswipes and rear-enders were the most common types of vehicular accidents in Metro Manila in 2021. Well, it appears the same can be said about bicycle accidents last year.In the latest Metro
There’s a huge play area for kids to go along with all the greenery
A few months back, we saw a new green space open up in Pasig City courtesy of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) 'Adopt-A-Park' project. Now, something similar has popped up in Muntinlupa City.The MMDA and the City
Traffic in the metro is expected to worsen starting next week
In a matter of days, we'll be seeing (probably) a huge increase in traffic all across the metro as face-to-face classes (F2F classes) return. There'll be more people queueing up for public transport, and there'll certainly be
The LGU, in collaboration with the MMDA, has opened the new Buting Linear Park
Open spaces keep opening up in Pasig City. After launching a series of People's Streets, the local government unit has now inaugurated the new Buting Linear Park, near San Joaquin River Ferry Station.This initiative was part of the Metropolitan Manila
The Bicycle Act of 2022 also lists other responsibilities of cyclists in PH
Despite there being lots of bike lanes in Metro Manila, cyclists in the city still have it pretty bad. If they didn't, there wouldn't have to be crackdowns on bike-lane violators, would there?That said, cycling is still one
Is this fair?
Time and again, we're told to "share the road." Yet every once in a while, we see reminders that other road users like tricycles and bicycles should stay on the right lane on the national highway. While that may sound convenient
If you’re still looking for somewhere to go to, here’s an idea
If you're still on the lookout for stuff to do this Father's Day weekend, check out what's going down at the Alabang Town Center (ATC).There's an RC Track Competition and FreePlay happening at the ATC Activity Center
Both motorcycle riders and cyclists can now avail of the services for free
If we were to make a list of the biggest hassles riders and cyclists encounter, a flat tire would be right up there alongside bad weather. Since two-wheelers normally don't have storage spaces for spare tires, getting a flat is
The new ordinance covers bicycles, tricycles, and e-bikes, not just motorcycles
Benguet is easily one of the most popular destinations for motorcycle riders. Going up to Baguio City via Kennon Road, for example, is as exciting as it is challenging. It's no wonder two-wheelers regularly flock to the province to tackle
In celebration of World Bike Day
In case you didn't know, June 3 is known as World Bicycle Day. A few cities here in Metro Manila are marking the occasion, one of them being Taguig.This weekend, Taguig City is celebrating World Bicycle Day with the launch
This will be available at three Hotel 101 branches from 6am to 12pm on weekends
Cyclists don't always ride their bikes for their daily commutes or to train for competitions. Some cyclists out there just want to have quick rides around the city, grab some breakfast, and get home before it gets too hot. Or in
Has anyone here ever tried cycling or jogging in the dark? Here in Metro Manila, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking ordeal-not because of the fear you'll run into a white lady or some other ghostly specter, but because
Cars aren’t always the solution
NKY 888. This alphanumeric combination is one I'd never forget, made memorable during what was supposed to be a routine ride home from University. This happened in a different semester than my previously-mentioned Social Science class-if you caught my
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