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As a testament to its “innovative spirit and pathbreaking approach as a brand”
It won't have escaped your attention that the Geneva International Motor Show did not happen this year. Many carmakers forged ahead and revealed their new cars, but from their own HQs. Czinger, however, had other ideas: It forged ahead and built
It’s a proper modern hypercar
We've seen the teasers, we've grappled with the name (silent C, pronounce it like the burger). Now, at last, Czinger is ready to divulge all the good stuff on its 21C hypercar. And the big news is it's 3D-
Its in-house developed powertrain makes 1,233hp
Oh, Czinger, you big tease. Ahead of next month's Geneva International Motor Show, the LA-based startup has let slip that its 21C hypercar will be able to hit 100kph in an outrageous 1.9sec.Yes, Internet, 0-100kph in less
It will debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show
The 'C' is silent, Internet, though the noise this thing will likely make at its Geneva International Motor Show debut next month probably won't be. A new hypercar is entering the stable, and it is called the Czinger 21C.Named after
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