This compact MPV looks ready to take on our market
We already have a wide range of affordable people-haulers available in our market. That said, we'd be eager to see new ones arrive here, especially if they'll also come in practical, budget-friendly packages.The Daihatsu Xenia is one
This only covers the first two to 13 months of ownership, though
For some people, the first few months with a brand-new ride can make or break the car ownership experience. You paid good money for that shiny new auto sitting in your garage, and the last thing you want is for kinks
Care for another ‘Little D’ concept, anyone?
Japanese tuner DAMD did some rather astonishing work on the Jimny a few years back. The aftermarket specialist decided to dress up the already-quirky Suzuki as a baby G-Class and mini Defender, and we were all for it.Then, during
That’s quite a collaboration
Well, here's a dream lineup if we've ever seen one: Mazda, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu, and Toyota-five of the Japanese auto industry's biggest contenders-are teaming up to develop next-gen connectivity for their cars.The five companies hope
It looks like the Japanese carmaker is prepping for an electric future
Daihatsu-the Toyota-owned Japanese carmaker well-known on this website for its outrageous concepts-is shifting its focus this year from quirky designs to environment-friendly electric vehicles.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Daihatsu is setting up to roll
Do you dig the new look?
Out of the many things we love about Japan, kei cars have got be right at the top of that list. It's just hard to hate on these cute little automobiles, wouldn't you agree?They're quirky, they're practical,
Daihatsu is now accepting pre-orders for it, albeit not in our market
Remember the Daihatsu TAFT Concept we featured a couple of months back? It debuted during the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, and now Daihatsu is accepting orders for it in Japan.This 'Tough & Almighty Fun Tool' is what its makers call the world'
Along with eight other quirky concepts
Daihatsu has built a name for itself creating cute little vehicles and quirky concepts over the years. That's a reputation that won't be going away for too long, at least judging by what the Japanese carmaker will be showcasing at
The two subcompact crossovers are platform twins
New SUVs are an every-other-day occurrence, vast swathes of them neither dropping our jaws nor getting us pent up with anticipation. Hats off to Daihatsu, then, for we want to adopt its new Rocky like the little hamster its front
These designs did not disappoint
If you thought Daihatsu's concept designs revealed prior to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show were quirky enough, you should see the vehicles in the metal.The concepts definitely piqued our interest-and apparently our readers', too-when they first surfaced cyberspace.
It’s for Japan only
What if we told you that in a faraway place, Toyota's racing skunkworks Gazoo Racing has just launched a new open-top lightweight sports car? A back-to-basics fun machine. A roadster with a manual gearbox, sports suspension, a turbocharger,
The names are pretty quirky, too
The Tokyo Motor Show is a rich seam for madness. Thus we look forward to its opening in much the same way we do Christmas. And just like an advent calendar spewing out chocolate on a daily basis, Japan's domestic carmakers
Rare, odd, and definitely Japanese
Dull-looking hen's-teeth supermini has blown three-cylinder of 105bhp, way before we got the Ecoboost. Little car, big fun.Looked puny, but had 227hp and Skyline-type electronic 4WD. Homologation special, and also great to drive, like an Integrale.
Meet the Gazoo Racing Daihatsu Copen
It may not have escaped your attention that we're quite partial to Japan at Top Gear. It's a country of wild and wonderful car culture, one of the very best elements being the kei car.Deliberately tiny and deliberately slow,
It’s all about having fun
Cars come in all different shapes and sizes. Some cost a fortune, while others are dirt-cheap. Some are built to fit in even the tiniest of parking spaces, while others are developed with the intention of towering over everything else on
A small off-roader that has a big following. Here’s why
Ever since the Daihatsu Feroza's local introduction back in the late '80s, its smaller-engined variants had been deemed inappropriate for the Filipino buyer's taste, so thankfully for us, we always had the beefier 1.6-liter version. This-combined
And the cabin looks awesome
Yep, the oddball Tokyo show concepts are coming thick and fast. The latest is this, the Daihatsu DN Compagno. It's a fun little saloon car that's unashamedly retro, and the clear pick of a bunch of DN concepts that'll
You have to see it
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.There's no denying it: At one point or another, you've been jealous of another person's ride. Maybe it's your neighbor'
A joint-venture project with Daihatsu
Toyota and Daihatsu have another little hatchback in their joint arsenal in the form of the Toyota Passo. Also known as the Daihatsu Boon, the little Toyota has been around since 2004.The third-generation Passo receives a few styling cues to
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