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It’s a Zen-inspired, nature-loving space
The TRAIN law is in full effect, but the major players in the automotive industry still have a positive outlook toward the future. Although the plans to build new dealerships have been underway long before the latest economic developments in our country,
There's a kiddie corner, too
Suzuki Philippines has finally inaugurated its dealership along the Manila East Road in Barangay San Juan, Taytay Rizal, the first from the Japanese carmaker that features a built-in café.The establishment, the company says, will allow customers and visitors to sit
Catch the ongoing tour
Curious to see the Mitsubishi Xpander in the metal? You're not alone. Since making its global debut last year, Filipinos have clamored for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) to bring it over here. Competitively priced seven-seaters tend to have that effect.
Readers speak up
Similar to how some people won't date individuals with a terrible personality, body odor, or a missing zero in their paycheck, there are dealbreakers when it comes driving home a new car.We asked you guys if you had any automotive
Can I save on cost?
Hello!I just had my Isuzu D-Max serviced for 10,000km and I paid more than P9,000 at the dealer's shop. What is the benefit of having the work done at the service shop? Can I not have it
It doesn't have to be boring
Dealerships are fun to visit and all, what with their lineups of brand-new cars, but ideally as customers we wouldn't spend any more time in there than we have to. In today's fast-paced world, we always have somewhere
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