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Design students imagine the future
With all the new technology rolling out together with cars these days, there's very little doubt that being behind the wheel of an automobile will be a very different experience a couple of decades from now. Maybe cars will be safer,
Imaginative artist dreams it up
Remember the BMW 8-Series? In case you're too young to recall, the Munich-based carmaker came out with a two-door grand tourer (or GT) produced from 1989 through 1999. In true GT fashion, it was big, yet had a
Car culture at its sartorial best
You don't need a floor plan to be able to tell that Mazda Philippines has the largest display in the ongoing 2015 Manila International Auto Show. Upon entering the World Trade Center's main hall, you will see that the entire
Good or bad?
Audi has revealed at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show the future of its design direction with the unveiling of its Prologue concept car."When he moved to Audi, Marc Lichte launched a design offensive," said Audi board member for development Ulrich
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