Is it normal?
Good day, baka may ma-suggest kayo. Nagpa-detail kasi ako ng sasakyan. After ng detailing, napansin ko yung side mirror sa driver side, may fog na. Sabi nila sa loob daw yun, pero wala naman yun before the detailing. At mukhang
Don't try this without a mask
You know that habit of yours where you just keep putting off a long-overdue car wash? Yeah, you might want to fix that habit. If you need a little motivation, just watch this video.Note: If you're not a fan
The volume always needs to be 'just right'
Every motorist has routines or presets they would prefer to follow to the dot. Sometimes, they're biggies like being religious when it comes to their car's preventive maintenance schedule. In other instances they're negligible, like that
Always be prepared!
If you are reading this and sitting next to your wife or girlfriend, ask her what her beauty essentials are whenever she leaves home. We're pretty sure that she'll mention a number of things.The same thing applies with your
Has this happened to you?
Who doesn't want their car to smell good? But would you risk damaging your trim to keep your cabin's aroma appealing?Apparently, this is what happened to Twitter user @rick_velasquez, who tagged us in photos of his vehicle's messed
Some key tips for cleaner cabins
As a guy who loves driving cars, I must say there's nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a plush and spotless cabin as you cruise down our chaotic and congested streets. As a matter of fact, keeping your car's interior
Walang macho sa ipis
For all the creepy crawling and/or flying insects in the world, nothing is more grotesque or irritating than the cockroach. All it takes for a room full of people to go from calm to total pandemonium is a roach doing some
For that car-show finish
Car lovers will jump at any opportunity to have their rides detailed to a car-show finish. If you want to make your special someone's car shine brighter than new this holiday season, why not give him/her a Hillsborough Detailers
It is an expression of individuality
It is an expression of individuality, if you want it to be. Last month's old-school feature was quite special. The 1991 Nissan Sunny pickup that belongs to Richard Opiana is one hell of a show car. In fact, I followed
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