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Those wheels look huge
The Kia Forte has been an often overlooked entry in the highly-competitive compact sedan market. It's understandable, considering it's pitted against the likes of the Mazda 3 and the Honda Civic. But could a sleeker, more modern look help
Check out the coolest cars from the event
Kia Stinger in blueAh yes, we come to one of the big hitters from this year's Detroit show: the long-awaited, twin-turbo, rear-wheel-drive Kia sports sedan. It's certainly got the go to match all of that show,
The car of tomorrow is all about angles
Over the past two weeks, our feeds have been chock-full of interesting-looking concepts. From the chic and sexy to the quirky and downright bizarre, both the Consumer Electronics Show and the ongoing Detroit Auto Show have provided us with more
One pickup to rule them all
Ford already had a monster pickup on its hands when it released the current-gen F-150 and its military grade aluminum alloy body three years ago. Barring some drastic design or engineering changes, how could the company possibly up the ante?
Revealed in Detroit
The North American International Auto Show is in full swing over in Detroit. For us Pinoys, that means a whole range of new unveilings to get excited about. Well, now you can add the all-new US-spec Honda Odyssey to that
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