More power!
For lifestyle owners, most pickup configurations are perfectly fine. For hardcore utilitarians, though? Every extra bit of oomph they can squeeze out of their truck's engine matters.Not that the local-spec Toyota Hilux's maximum 201hp and 500Nm of torque
Prices are out too
The last time we wrote about the Nissan NV350 Urvan, we spoke about the new Mitsubishi-sourced 4N16 engine now used for the Japan-spec model. Now, we have an update on the popular van as it seems that it has been
The Alliance at work once again
It's been a while since the local-spec Nissan Urvan received an update. This isn't the case in Japan, however, where the model continues to get goodies well into its life cycle.The latest upgrade the Nissan NV350 has received
Have you dropped by the pump lately?
With gasoline and diesel prices continuing to trend upward and an ongoing conflict in Europe threatening to make the situation even worse, sweating bullets over the prospect of not being able to fuel up next week is only natural. But is it
The electric revolution is real
Brace yourselves, internal combustion lovers. The auto industry's electric revolution is about to claim another casualty.According to a new report by Nikkei Asia, Nissan will be stopping nearly all development of new internal combustion engines as it turns its attention
Were you waiting for this?
Last year, Ford Philippines caught our market by surprise when it brought in the thirteenth-generation F-150. The move shook up the local pickup segment, finally providing consumers with a mainstream full-size entry to consider. There was one thing missing,
Thank goodness nobody was harmed
As fun as tinkering with cars can be, there's a certain danger to it, too. Mess up just a bit, and things can go south real quick.We've seen it happen before when a tuned pickup truck that hit 2,
Exisiting models will continue to get updates, though
It looks like another car manufacturer has decided to truly clean up its act.According to a recent report by the Korea JoongAng Daily, Hyundai has ceased to develop new diesel engines as part of its shift towards zero-emission vehicles. The
Aimed to help businesses and truck fleet operators cut costs amid this pandemic
Cost-cutting. It's a term that's been thrown around almost on a daily basis as businesses the world over try to bounce back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chevron Philippines Inc., for its part, wants to help
Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported
Playing around with cars can be risky business. Sometimes, you don't even have to be moving for things to go awry behind the wheel.A heavily-modified pickup truck recently went viral after footage of it bursting into flames on a
Worth it?
Auto Nation Group, the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz here in the Philippines, has announced it is expanding its local G-Class lineup with the new G350d. The new varian brings diesel performance to the luxury SUV offering to compliment its off-
Just launched in India
Locally, Honda isn't a car brand that's known for diesel products. Honda Cars Philippines doesn't offer any diesel-powered vehicles outside of a single CR-V variant, and barring a sizeable shift in product planning, likely never will.This
The brand is cleaning up its act
Isuzu has announced that it will completely clean up its act, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from both its products and operations by the year 2050.While the carmaker stops short of saying it will discontinue diesel offerings, unless by some miracle it
Say it ain’t so
Are you a fan of the Mitsubishi Strada or Montero Sport's torquey diesel performance? If your answer is yes, you're probably not going to be happy with what you're about to read.According to a recent report by the
This supposedly makes the SUV more efficient than ever
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is giving off-road enthusiasts another reason to consider buying the Jeep Wrangler, and it has little to do with the model's rugged looks or go-anywhere capability.The American car manufacturer has announced that four-door
Want this here?
So here's one more reason to hope Mitsubishi brings the Eclipse Cross to our shores: The crossover now comes available with a hearty diesel engine.Yes, the Eclipse Cross-notorious for being anything other than the return of the Japanese manufacturer'
Apparently, the 342hp turbo-V6 oil-burner can do 19km/L
Remember when diesel was the bad guy? Of course you do. It was about five minutes ago. But the VW Group, the company that sent diesel cars into a spiral of uncoolness in the first place, appears to be bringing it back
Of course the torque is amazing
Remember when the Audi S5 coupe was launched with a stonking great 4.2-liter V8? We do. And that makes today a sad day, because arriving later this year will be an S5 TDI. Boo.That's right, just a week
The 3.0-liter turbo V6 oil-burner of the new cars is good for 344hp and 699Nm
Times have changed at Audi, and not necessarily in the way you'd think. See, once upon a time, the S6 and the S7 had V8 engines. Hell, the S6 even had a naturally aspirated V10 for a bit. In these more
Is the seven-seat/diesel combo worth it?
In 2017, Honda Cars Philippines shook up the local crossover scene by bringing in the all-new CR-V. With muscular looks, a modern interior, and two new sure-fire ingredients for success in the Philippine market-the availability of a diesel
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