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The story of the Hyundai Accent in the country, as told by Top Gear PH
The Hyundai Accent was first introduced in several offshore markets close to two decades ago as a replacement of the Excel. It was met with mixed reactions. The first generation, despite receiving a relatively low Euro NCAP rating, was also rated as
It draws comparisons to luxury crossovers that cost millions
I first drove the new CX-5 over a year and a half ago, at the Mine Racing Circuit in Japan, after which it was launched here in early 2017. But such was the demand for the diesel variant that this is
There are steps to follow
Hello! I had this horrible experience just this evening. My car ran out of fuel because I forgot to refill this morning. I am aware that my fuel gauge is not functioning. I need your advice, sir. Will I take my car
Be familiar with your engine
If you drive a diesel vehicle, the quality of the fuel you put into your tank should be of concern to you. Aside from being maintained well, any engine must be supplied with clean, high-quality fuel, and a diesel engine is
Here's why the RZ4E makes sense
We got to chat with Isuzu Philippines' division manager for marketing and sales Joseph Bautista during the launch of the 1.9-liter RZ4E Blue Power turbodiesel engine that is now available in the MU-X SUV and soon, the D-Max
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