Good news
Up. Down. Up. Down. Up-and we're down again. Frankly, we're starting to get dizzy keeping track of all these fluctuations.Industry players have now announced that new fuel price rollbacks are taking effect this week. Gasoline will drop by
Planning to avail of this?
Fuel prices might have calmed down a bit the past few weeks, but you can never really be sure when a big hike is just around the corner. That said, if you're presented with an opportunity at lower rates at the
Show me the money
The Petron Corporation has reported a consolidated net income of P7.7 billion in the first half of 2022. That figure is about two times what the oil company made over the course of the same period in 2021.OTHER STORIES YOU
The industry is expecting another price drop next week
UPDATE: July 25, 2022. Following consecutive major rollbacks, both diesel and gasoline prices are once again set to go down in the week of July 26 to August 2. The rollbacks will be slightly smaller, but they're rollbacks nonetheless.Fuel industry
When will it end?
Think local gasoline and diesel prices are ridiculous now? You haven't seen anything yet.In a recent Laging Handa press briefing, the Department of Energy (DOE) said that one of the variables currently affecting local fuel prices is the foreign exchange
Prices are currently at $110 per barrel
We have some bad news for you if you're waiting for rates at the gas pump to settle down before using your car regularly again: It doesn't look like this fuel crisis is going away any time soon. Experts from
The diesel Honda CR-V offers great economy, but is the gas model still worth it?
Since its introduction in the mid-'90s, the CR-V has been one of the best-sellers from Honda. It's not just in the Philippines, either, as the crossover has surpassed annual Civic sales in other countries. Crazy, isn&#
When will it end?
Planning to gas up? You may want to do so soon, because local gasoline and diesel prices may jump up again.According to a new report by GMA News, local gasoline prices could go up by as much as P3.30/L
Yes, gasoline and diesel prices have been trending upwards lately. But given that the rates we have now got to that point incrementally, you'd be forgiven for not being able to grasp the extent of the recent fuel-price hikes.Well,
Brace yourselves
If you own a motorized vehicle, you've probably noticed that fuel prices have been trending upwards lately. Russia's ongoing conflict with Ukraine isn't helping make matters any better, and according to the Department of Energy (DOE), motorists may want
Let’s hope things in Europe settle down
Don't hold your breath for lower gas prices any time soon-at least not before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine settles down in Europe.According to a report by BBC, tensions between the two European neighbors are driving global oil
Say it isn’t so
Motorists, get your wallets ready. Fuel prices are set to go up again.Caltex and Cleanfuel have announced adjustments to their full prices this week, with gasoline and diesel prices to go up by P1.45 and P1.90 per liter, respectively.
These fuels help reduce particulate matter and enable significant carbon savings
Like every other car manufacturer these days, Volkswagen is working its way towards carbon neutrality. But apart from the expected electrification efforts, the company's game plan includes something slightly different: paraffinic fuels.What the German carmaker wants to do is reduce
This is pretty big
Fuel prices in the Philippines have continued to drop these past few weeks, much to the delight of many motorists. More good news has come in today as a major rollback is set to be implemented tomorrow.Effective December 7, 2021, the
‘We sincerely apologize’
If you managed to pass by a Petron gas station around lunchtime today, you probably noticed this wasn't just another regular Tuesday afternoon. The reason for all that traffic? A whopping 50% discount on fuel products from 11am to 1pm.Well,
You might want to gas up elsewhere if you’re in a hurry
Yesterday, Petron announced that it would be slashing 50% off all its fuel prices at select branches in celebration of the 2020 holidays. The promo would only be available today from 11am to 1pm, and customers need only purchase one liter of
Now this is what we call a grand prize
Can you imagine never having to pay for gas again? We can. The savings from the one or two road trips you take annually alone would already amount to a small fortune-but a lifetime worth of free gas? This is every
That’s a 16% dip compared to 2019
The past few months have not been a good look for oil companies worldwide. In the Philippines, the Petron Corporation recently posted a 16% drop in revenue in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period the year prior-that'
The brand is cleaning up its act
Isuzu has announced that it will completely clean up its act, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from both its products and operations by the year 2050.While the carmaker stops short of saying it will discontinue diesel offerings, unless by some miracle it
Good job, Petron!
Good news: Petron Corporation, through its media agency of record The Huddle Room, was the Gold Winner in the 'Best Event-Led PR Campaign' category at the sixth annual Southeast Asian edition of the PR Awards held in Singapore.According to the
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