We can see this thing being a hit here
Here's a new alternative mobility option that we're certain your fur buddies are going to love. In Japan, e-bikes are now being built with compact underseat compartments designed specifically for small pets.This particular model is the Pony "Dog
What started out as a lighthearted April Fools’ joke is now on sale
Every year, during April Fools', several brands from all sorts of industries take the time to joke about absurd new products that the world knows they're never going to make. But as crazy as some of those fake products may seem,
Trust us, your furball will like it
Dogs are often described as man's best friend, but they enjoy the company of women, too, and a cheeky pup will quickly become an integral part of the family. So as you make the switch to electric power, it's important
Want this available here?
Do you think driving over rough patches of EDSA is uncomfortable? Just imagine how much harder it is on your furry little friend in the back of the car. If you're looking to make drives easier for your four-legged companions,
The whereabouts of the stolen vehicle were tracked using the smartphone app
Interconnectivity between cars and smartphones these days weren't introduced simply for convenience-there's a safety aspect to it, too. If you're one of those people who haven't really bought in on the whole idea yet, then maybe this
Look at that happy doggie
This is the Honda WOW concept, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005. WOW stands for 'wonderfully open-hearted wagon,' which is wonderfully Japanese. The concept car was meant to "bring people and their dogs closer together," by cramming
This might be the perfect ride for fur parents
Road trips with dogs are always fun, but they aren't always easy. Japanese company Flex has gone the extra mile to address just that by putting together a set of accessories and modifications that turns the Toyota Hiace into the ultimate '
This was designed in collaboration with racer Gaby Dela Merced
Local clothing brand Artwork has released its new Pet Projekt collection, and there's a certain item in the list that caught our eye: the Artwork x Cow and Adobo tote bag.The design features five dogs with one of them seemingly
All you need is a pet carrier
Any fur parents here who take the train regularly? Good news for you, folks: The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has confirmed that pets are now allowed inside the MRT-3.The announcement comes after a Facebook post featuring a dog aboard the
From the vet that took her in
Earlier this week, veterinarian Anton Lim announced the death of Kabang, the hero dog that saved two children from getting hit by a motorcycle in 2011.On May 19, the medical professional-to whom Kabang's owner Rudi Bunggal entrusted her in
Because our furry friends deserve to travel in comfort, too
So far as we know, Tesla is the only car company to offer a 'dog mode.' Turns out this doesn't set the car to chase its own tail and sniff other car's exhaust pipes, but instead merely keeps the in-
Would you buy this?
Transporting a pet can sometimes be a hassle when you don't own a car. Sure, they're technically allowed on public transportation-but you don't really want to be carrying around a dog when you're commuting, do you? You
We’re sold on this idea
There's a lot of things to love about Brazil-the history, the people, the beaches, its passion for sports. We could go on and on, but our favorite thing about South America's largest country, though, might be the dogs. More
They’ll help take your mind off things
Cars and dogs. We're 99% sure that this ancient relationship stretches as far back as the very dawn of time itself. Indeed, Greek historian Herodotus-considered the 'father of history'-famously never said how the cargo floor of a Land Rover
“She makes everybody happy”
Here's some lighthearted news to help you start the decade on a high note: A black labrador named Eclipse is gaining fame online for commuting to the dog park via bus, by herself, on a daily basis.According to the viral
Continuing a Defender tradition
As you may have guessed, we've spent quite a bit of time this week playing around on the new Land Rover Defender configurator. What's that? Procrastination? Nooo, this is research, dear friends.There are many different options-and those four
And more stressful, too
If you often drive with your fur buddy riding shotgun in the front seat, you may want to reconsider. A recent study by Volvo shows that doing so minus the presence of restraints is significantly more unsafe, more distracting, and more stressful
This rescue dog rides in full gear, including her own custom-made helmet
We see tons of photos and videos of cute, fluffy creatures on social media and the Internet on a daily basis. I myself am guilty of having Facebook and Instagram feeds raining with cats and dogs. You see new content each day,
It comes out in August
Car movies, at least most of those worth remembering, aren't ever just about cars.Before Dwayne Johnson blatantly hijacked the franchise, The Fast and the Furious was as much about family as it was about drag racing and car porn. Racing
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