This isn’t even the bike’s final form
Frankly, 208hp can be enough to have fun with in a car. On a motorcycle, though? You're going to need some serious cojones to consider a bike with that much horsepower.That said, the MV Agusta Rush 1000 isn't any
That ‘1400’ in the name denotes the horsepower rating, by the way
Back in 1968, Ford built 50 special lightweight Mustangs specifically for drag racing. Some 40 years later, it revived the practice, and most years since has built small batches of these fat-tired, turnkey but non-road-legal Mustangs. They're called
What happens in Vegas ends up in the history books
On November 1st, Brittany Force strapped into her Top Fuel dragster at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, waited for the lights to go out, and pinned it. Exactly 3.659sec later, she crossed the finish line at 338.17mph (544.23kph).It was
Seven and a half minutes of time-lapse awesomeness
Got seven minutes spare? Good. Because thanks to the power of time lapse, that's all you need to see a Top Fuel dragster's 11,000hp engine completely stripped down and rebuilt. It's also remarkably satisfying. And quite mesmerizing. Like
Mike Bowman gets nothing but net as he has the mother of all Code Brown moments
Here's a useful-and very visual-illustration of physics for you. See, if you think those parachutes that sprout out of the back of drag cars once they've crossed the finish line are merely there to add a bit visual
That was quick
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.The new King of the 'Ring. It's official: the Lamborghini Huracan Performante is now the fastest production car to ever take on the
A spectacular mechanical failure
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Top tip: a sure-fire (ha) sign you've overworked your engine is the eruption of smoke and flames as it explodes through your
And the winner is...
The spectacle of a supercar drag-racing a jet plane down a runaway isn't new. Even our widely popular Top Gear TV show did it in 2009 featuring a Bugatti Veyron versus a Eurofighter Typhoon.For this video, we see a
From morning to midnight
If you're one of those gearheads who can't get enough of the sight of fast cars and the scent of burnt rubber, here's a bit of good news: Tomorrow, November 24, you can drive up to Clark International Speedway
You'd better be because it's going into production
Chevrolet will put into limited production a purpose-built Camaro drag-race car, which the American carmaker first showed off as a concept at the 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in November 2011.At the SEMA Show, Chevrolet showed off
Itching to watch some tire-shredding action?
We'd be the first to say that Philippine motorsports badly need a shot in the arm. Yes, we have a new racetrack in Clark International Speedway, but recent bad reports involving safety issues are exactly what the local racing community doesn'
Racers allegedly told they could only compete using equipment sold by organizer
The fourth and final round of the Petron Northern Series' National Drag Racing Championship at Clark International Speedway last Saturday ended in a row as the disqualified participants bemoaned the supposedly stringent requirements set by the race organizer and the AAP."With
It's another action-packed weekend in Clark
Speed freaks and drag racers are advised to head to the Clark International Speedway drag strip on August 7 where SpeedLab will hold its the second Drag Experience Battle Version.For an entry fee of just P1,500, those who feel the
Are you bold enough to join the fun?
Clark International Speedway is encouraging people to take their drag racing antics off the street and on to a safe and controlled environment with an all-night race and fun run this weekend.The Drag Fun Run & Tune Up Races will be
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