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And it was all going so well
We've shown you drifting's latest toy-FPV drones-before. In the right hands, these diddy quadcopters bring you closer to the skiddy action. Like, scarily close. To achieve this, the pilots must have the reactions and hand-eye coordination of
An iconic nameplate returns
What on earth is that?One of the most unlikely candidates for a drift-ectomy. It is, ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, Rockstar Energy and Nexen Tire's entry for the 2017 Formula Drift championship. A very, very modified 2017 Toyota
A really, really specific record
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.It's a pretty tall order to get a new car-based world record these days. Just think of the money that Bugatti splurged
The Drift King approves
One look at Marvin Antonio's Toyota AE85 Levin and you'll get the feeling that you're back in the '80s. What Marvin tells us about the exterior is rather surprising. "Original color and paint yan. Malinis siya nung nakuha namin,
These guys sure know how to burn rubber
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. There's little doubt that Ken Block and the rest of the boys over at Hoonigan know how to work a vehicle. They can
Care of Hyundai Lateral Drift
One fine day, our writer Niky Tamayo was coerced to learn the art of driving sideways for our magazine. Thanks to the Hyundai Lateral Drift media event, he caught up with the organization behind the decade-old series to help him perform
Check out the winners
On March 21st, the Harbour Square within the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex was filled with the sight and smell of burning rubber as both pro and amateur drift drivers showed off their skills in going sideways. This was the first
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