Our most pragmatic test this year
Yup, that's pretty difficult to miss, isn't it? And no, it's not got some madcap AMG engine under its hood to justify being here, either-quite the opposite, as it's an electric vehicle. Welcome to what's likely
It’s the little things
The beauty of life lies in its detail, at least according to a faintly nauseating meme we once read online.And thus, news of the shiny new BMW M3 and M4 filled our eyes with a plethora of details, of creases and
This man knows what he's talking about
The astonishing Gordon Murray Autmotive T.50 supercar weighs less than a ton. The even more astonishing T.50s racer weighs less than that, coming in at a comparatively featherweight 890kg. Gordon Murray is serious about weight.But he always has been.
It was for company chairman Ferry Porsche
This Porsche concept from the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show might look like a 911, but it isn't, really. It's actually a birthday present inspired by Mexico, you know.Well, the Panamericana was designed as an 80th birthday present for company
It pays to have these ready all times
Hope for the best but expect the worst. It might not be the most upbeat mantra to live by, but keeping it mind can certainly save you from disappointments, headaches, and other potential disasters. Sure, be optimistic all you like, but just
Take note of the health and safety protocols before visiting
During the early days of COVID-19 lockdown, Volvo put out a simple message: "Right now, the safest place to be isn't in a Volvo." Simple and effective. Volvo Philippines even rolled out its Online Concierge a few months ago in
Which one would you pick?
Pretend, for a minute, you're the boss of a big car company. The time has come for you to sign off on the development of a new, small electric car. And you have a number of options.You could take one
Let’s look beyond face value
That's 290kph. And even that is still electronically limited. Unfettered, and on the right tires, it'd go faster still. That's what's possible when the horsepower figure begins with a 5.There are two settings for engine sound. They
Everything has been tidied up
Is it a super sedan? Is it a luxury car? No, it's a...well, it's slightly unique, the Porsche Panamera. Let's call it a super-lux, a sports luxury car that's neither BMW M5 nor Mercedes S-Class,
It’s by Expedition Motor Company
While we can't speak to the quality of the Expedition Motor Company's work, its new-old 1990 Merc 250GD certainly looks the absolute business.The New Jersey-based outfit, which specializes in restoring and modifying ex-military Mercedes-Benz G-
Based on the 812 Superfast
Only the headlights, the windshield, and the "underlying package of the 812 Superfast" remain; the rest is a subtle nod to such varying influences as science-fiction, racing heritage and modern architecture. Welcome to the V12-powered Ferrari Omologata.It's the
Courtesy of twin e-motors pumping out 459hp
The first Ford Mach-Es arrive in Europe early next year. But if going fast is your thing, you may want to wait a little longer for the Mach-E GT.Set to land late next year, the flagship version of Ford'
We’re not better off with vehicles that get heavier with each model generation
As anyone who's been working from home during the last six months will tell you, being overweight is mostly terrible. The extra effort it takes to lug around excess flab makes the simple things harder and the hard things nigh-on
It’s left-hand-drive!
Only 351 Toyota 2000GTs were ever built, and this is one of them. It's a left-hand-drive version that has lived its life in the States-one of three new 2000GTs supplied to Otto Linton, a revered Watkins Glen driver.
Meet the Dyson V11 Absolute Plus
If you're one of the reasons why Lazada's stock price is going up thanks to your pandemic purchases, this new product might interest you. You already clicked on the story, obviously. And unlike your impulse buy of that fancy new
In case you want to make some aftermarket modifications
As is the case with side mirrors On motorcycles, lights must also be modified with caution. We're referring to both the basic (headlights, taillights, signal lights) and additional (parking, fog, auxiliary headlamps) lights that a bike owner might want to change.
What about the looks, though?
A Mercedes-AMG is not the kind of vehicle you want to plop a roof box on top of. They're just...not. If you have to install one for whatever reason, though, you'll be happy to know the company'
Here’s how Kia PH is dealing with this trend
For the past several months, COVID-19 has essentially crippled the Philippine economy, and many are gripping their wallets tighter than ever because of it. In the local auto industry, slumping car sales are proof of this. Many plans to buy a
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