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How do they work?
In April, Jaguar Land Rover revealed that it was developing a technology that makes the hood virtually invisible via a camera in the grille that projects the image it captures onto a head-up display to create a 'see-through' view through
Available soon on its cars starting this year
Ford will soon introduce on its vehicles its new driver-assist system, which "can reduce the severity of or even eliminate some frontal collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians."Using radar and camera technology, Ford's Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection scans
Could make road kills a thing of the past
Seemingly invisible hoods could soon become a reality now that Land Rover has revealed that it is developing a pioneering technology that could make the front of the car virtually invisible.Utilizing cameras located in the vehicle's grille area, an image
Turning the car to a driver\'s assistant
As pleasurable as driving the Mini already is, the British-by-way-of-Germany carmaker will introduce a number of innovative driver-assist systems into its next-generation model that will offer not just comfort and safety in technology but turn the
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