Manila City has also cleaned up the road markings that went viral as NCAP trap
This is big
If this bill becomes law, owning a motorcycle may soon become a bit more difficult.House Bill no. 32, also referred to as the Motorcycle Safety Riding Act, has been filed in Congress. We know, the legislature has tackled the issue of
But,’s laminated!
The past week in motoring news definitely backs up the idea that common sense isn't so common anymore. Now, we've moved on from '2 joints' to this.Earlier today, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Task Force Special Operations (TFS) head
Affected IDs and certificates will be valid until September 30
As expected, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) isn't just extending the validity of vehicle registrations expiring this month-the agency is doing the same for licenses and permits as well.The LTO has announced that the validity of driver's licenses,
The agency says buying automobiles is his right
He can't drive, but he can still buy and register cars with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). This is the message newly instated LTO officer-in-charge Romeo Vera Cruz gave when asked for an update regarding the SUV driver from
Did you get the same colorless piece of paper in your LTO branch?
We recently pointed out how the Land Transportation Office's (LTO) new official receipts for motor-vehicle registration look very different from before. Well, it appears this seems to be the case for the official receipts of driver's licenses as well.
More branches should be this convenient
One of the biggest inconveniences when it comes to getting government IDs or documents is having to jump from one building to the next to fulfill requirements. Simply put, it sucks.If you're planning to get your driver's license in
It’s really not that difficult
A lost driver's license is any motorist's worst nightmare. In the few times that I myself have lost a wallet, I was fortunate enough my license never got lost with it.Never mind not being able to drive or ride
The LTO finally takes action
You may have recently seen a viral video of an incident behind SM Megamall involving an SUV and one traffic management personnel. If you're familiar with this, we have news: the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has confirmed that the driver of
Here’s why it’s worth the time and the expense
Remember the days when anyone could get a driver's license without taking any driving classes or without knowing how to drive in the first place? That's the problem that the Land Transportation Office was aiming to address when it imposed
Year in and year out, we're sure many of you guys still have to file leaves and take days off to renew your driver's licenses on your birthdays. We get it. Unless you reside near any of the Driver's
IDs, licenses expiring in June now valid until August 31
The registration validity of select motor vehicles aren't the only things the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is extending this month.The agency has announced-yet again for another month-that the validity of all driver's licenses, student permits, conductor's
The agency needs your help
You know how a lot of us are always complaining about our fellow drivers' lack of common sense behind the wheel? Well, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is asking you guys for help fixing this issue.As we're all aware, LTO
Have you renewed your documents already?
Two months ago, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that student permits, driver's licenses, medical certificates, and conductors licenses that expired in April or are set to expire in May have had their validity extended. To be exact, these documents are
Know what to look for?
Your Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver's license is always with you, but how often do you actually take it out? Come to think of it, you don't really hold it in your hand and look at it, do you?That
Avoid these at all costs
As motorists, we have huge responsibilities. The lives of us, our passengers, and other road users are basically in our hands whenever we're behind the wheel. This is why the gasgas saying "driving is a privilege, not a right" is still
Here are all the important requirements, fees, schedules, and penalties to note
Aside from knowing how to drive properly and acquiring your driver's license, there's one more thing you need to pay attention to if you want to be a responsible motorist on Philippine roads: your vehicle's registration with the Land
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