Time to apply!
Earlier in May, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that it will be offering free 15-hour Theoretical Driving Courses. At the time, outgoing LTO chief Jay Art Tugade said that the agency aims to make it a monthly program to make
What do you guys think?
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has made it clear that it will soon run out of plastic cards for printing driver's licenses. To cope, the agency tapped the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) to launch new digital driver's
Amid the card shortage that the agency’s currently dealing with
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is in a bit of a pickle right now, with the looming shortage of ID cards that will see driver's licenses temporarily printed on paper until the latter half of the year. The agency, however, may
Is outsourcing the key?
It's been a rough couple of weeks for the Land Transportation Office (LTO). By now, you're probably aware of the license card shortage that has forced the agency to print these out on paper. There's also the looming problem
In order to eliminate the reliance on fixers
In its bid to rid its agency of corruption, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is now looking to make further changes to its processes-this time, with student-permit applications.The LTO has just announced that it is now "actively seeking ways
Heads up, motorists
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) had a rough end to the past week, as it announced that it is already running out of plastic cards for driver's licenses. As many of you may have guessed, that just means new licenses may
War flashbacks
Remember that time when the Land Transportation Office (LTO) couldn't print out licenses on actual cards and had to hand out pieces of paper to license holders? If you've been driving long enough, then you probably do. Well, the grim
Technically, this is allowed
Back in October 2022, I renewed my driver's license at a Land Transportation Office (LTO) satellite branch. While I was able to avail myself of the 10-year license, the real highlight of my new ID was the photo on it.
As well as penalties for driving schools that violate the prescribed fees
As reported earlier this week, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is setting standard rates for driving school fees, taking into account the schools' investment and operating costs as well as the local minimum wage, rent, and electricity costs.The agency has now
Good news
To get a driver's license here in the Philippines, one would have to enroll first in a driving school accredited by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). While that's all well and good, the issue that many have with this is
A 90-day suspension, to be exact
If you spend enough time on social media, then chances are, you've seen all the viral videos and photos that made the rounds on cyberspace the other weekend from the 2023 BMW Owners Society of Saferiders (BOSS) Ironman Motorcycle Challenge. A
The owner of the SUV could be charged with Reckless Driving as well
The last time we were here talking about that incident in Mandaluyong City, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) had only issued a suspension on the driver's license of the alleged suspect. Now, the agency is working on revoking that license.The
It’s really not that hard
Do you have a Land Transportation Office (LTO) Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) account yet? If not, you kind of need one-at least if you hope to drive around these parts legally.This is because creating an LTO LTMS account is
The owner gets a 90-day suspension on his license, the drivers surrender theirs
Yet another road incident went viral earlier this week-we're sure many of you have already seen that one. It wasn't a pretty sight. It's the clip showing what appears to be a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 going bananas
The driver allegedly failed to yield right of way to a pedestrian
It looks like it's a busy start for the Land Transportation Office (LTO) this year. The LTO has now released its statement regarding a recent incident in Parañaque City involving a jeepney driver and a pedestrian.The agency has now
The LTO’s new system might take effect in the first quarter of 2023
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is currently working on a new single-ticketing system that it's looking to roll out by the first quarter of next year. This system seeks to unify traffic violations and their corresponding fines and penalties across
Are you aware of this?
Have you lost the official receipt of your Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver's license? The agency says there's no need to panic in the event you're pulled over for a traffic violation.In a Facebook post,
The agency, however, says there’s been progress
Are you still waiting on your driver's license? Yeah, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) says it's working on it. The agency could use a little help financially, though.In a statement released earlier today, the LTO shared that it has
Due to faulty laser engravers
If you're looking to renew your driver's license or acquire a new one soon, then take note that select Land Transportation Office (LTO) district/extension offices, licensing centers, and driver's license renewal offices (DLRO) are currently unable to provide
The LTO has imposed a 90-day suspension on his license
There's a Ferrari F8 Tributo that recently went viral for all the wrong reasons, as it was caught entering the bus lane on EDSA. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) initially called out the supercar's owner, but now the agency has
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