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President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his final State of the Nation Address earlier today. During his speech, he discussed the transport and infrastructure projects that the administration has taken to improve commuting and travel within Metro Manila.Here's a summary:"We have
Apparently, it isn’t that hard
In this day and age, opting for a fake Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver's license instead of a legitimate one really isn't an option that should appeal to anyone. The process of applying for a license isn't as inconvenient
Will this encourage drivers to behave?
The number of cars out on the road isn't the only indication of how well the local motoring scene is doing. You can also take into account the number of motorists heading to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to apply for
The renewal, per se, was supposedly legit
The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) is making some clarifications regarding the supposed arrest of a fixer at the Land Transportation Office's (LTO) headquarters in Quezon City last week.Contrary to reports that the fixer was arrested inside the LTO headquarters
Have you ever been approached by one?
Fixers are still a thing-but this doesn't mean authorities aren't doing anything about it. Just earlier this week, the government's Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) was able to nab one at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) headquarters in
Just get your license via the proper avenues, guys
Yes, getting your Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver's license can be a chore. For the most part, the situation over at the agency's offices has changed drastically for the better the past few years-but we do still see some
Can anyone here relate?
Who wouldn't want to be tall if given the choice? You can reach the top shelf without having to grab a box, you're able to change light bulbs without the help of a ladder, and, as in the case of
Be advised, readers
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) on Wednesday warned the public of unofficial Facebook pages and groups offering driver's license assistance."Ang mga sumusunod na Facebook pages ay HINDI opisyal na Facebook page ng Land Transportation Office," the LTO said in a
Take note
Due to the recently imposed enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and modified ECQ in Greater Manila, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has had to close its offices in the region for the entire month of April. Consequently, the agency has had to extend
The UK thinks so
See that subcompact sedan that figured in a mishap trying to squeeze into a lane? How about the genius who backed into another car trying to park in reverse? "Man, Filipino drivers are dumb," you're probably thinking.We feel your frustration.
Which one impacted you the most?
Has anyone seen Doc Brown and his time-traveling DeLorean? Because 2020 really needs a do-over. A volcanic eruption, a deadly respiratory virus, city-wide floods-seriously, if someone can think of a rougher 12-month period in recent history, we'
This includes driver’s and conductor’s licenses, as well as student permits
It's true that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has continuously extended the validity of the driver's licenses throughout this pandemic. However, there are still a lot of motorists who have yet to renew their licenses, especially teenagers and senior citizens
It's not for everyone
The new requirement of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for student drivers to undergo a 15-hour theoretical driving course and an eight-hour practical driving course from LTO-accredited training centers has triggered a huge demand for riding instructors. This situation
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