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No turbo, no problem?
Okay, so we might be jumping the gun here-but we think the all-new Honda HR-V is easily one of the most intriguing subcompact crossovers to enter the market over the past couple of years.Think about it: Performance, looks,
Desirable? Definitely
The utter absurdity of the BYD Tang doesn't hit home until you activate "Acceleration Timer" mode. After the short pre-launch song-and-dance switching various toggles and displays to "Full Attack", the silent, all-electric launch is disappointingly void of
A new car with an old school approach
The 86 is a sports car that's relatively unique in its sector. Apart from the Subaru BRZ it's 99% identical to, of course. There's no turbocharger, very little chassis tech and some deliberately skinny tires. It's primary aim
Take our money
It's finally here. The most awaited Honda-no, car model-in the history of automotive fandom. Do we even need an introduction to this car? The Type R is the upgraded, mythical version of the beloved Honda Civic. For decades other
Transportation in comfort and luxury
Spending seven days with the Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi 2018 has given me a newfound appreciation for the kind of vehicle space that a father can provide for his family. Although we are happy and content with a four-door sedan,
A very sensible sports car
Following in the footsteps of the 911 Carrera range, the 718 model range has gone turbo, and has moved to two pairs of opposed cylinders-a pair short from what we normally know. But hey, we're talking about Porsche here, a
Does it have the 'X' factor?
It's a must for a rider to be physically and mentally fit before a long ride. Without constant alertness, quick reflexes and sharp eyesight, a rider is courting disaster.Media riders who recently joined the Yamaha Tour de Rev event faced
It's getting with the times
The 3- and the 5-Series may have been BMW's strong-selling vehicles over the decades and have stamped the carmaker's reputation of producing true driver's cars, but sedans are losing ground to crossovers.The X-Series, the range
Is this China car any good?
With the re-branding of JAC, there's a lot of new metal on the showroom floor to explore, and a lot to take in. Here, we're starting with their second smallest crossover, the S2. While not the most technically impressive
A worthy successor
Ah, the Toyota Fortuner-the model that launched a thousand (well, okay, substantially more than a thousand) midsize SUVs, triggering a segment war which rages on up until this very day. It was a thing to behold then, and still was up
A solid compact SUV contender
The Volkswagen Tiguan was bound to get the short end of the stick when it finally reached our market at the end of 2013. For one, it was an aging platform, which has been around since 2007. Second, it was sorely lacking
For those with more generous budgets
Yesterday, we featured the most affordable cars we got our hands on this past year; options worth looking into for those on a relatively modest budget. This time around we're listing down all the vehicles we reviewed between the P1 million
The zippy hatchback is perfect for winding roads
It has been Honda Cars Philippines' tradition to hold driving events for each new car it launches. This year, it was done for the Accord and the City, and last month it was supposed to be the Jazz's turn. But typhoon
It does great on the highway as well
All carmakers have that one model they cannot fumble with. BMW has its 3-Series, Mitsubishi has its Montero Sport, and Honda has its City. The latter competes in the most profitable segment in the market based on unit sales. So it&#
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