So, what type of motorist are you?
A few years back, a study observing parking differences between the US and China suggested that a higher percentage of people who park facing out equates to higher economic growth. That people who park facing outwards may be overachievers that drive the
Something we can all learn from
The Japanese are known for many things. Chief among them is their tendency as a people to be polite and courteous. That habit extends to the way they drive.But it turns out that the Japanese are so respectful that they actually
Just like it was yesterday
Most of you guys are probably first-time car owners or well into your second or third vehicle. By now, you know how to drive, and you've driven around quite a lot after having worked your ass off for your very
It's better to be safe than sorry
If there's anything the past three days has taught us, it's that you can never really know when a light drizzle will escalate into disastrous levels of flooding. Well, at least not here in the city, where our poor drainage
For one, it's now included in the new ID card information
Finding myself with three hours to kill, I decided to renew my driver's license at SM North EDSA last month, even if it was still valid for another 30 days. "Basta po within 60 days of expiration, pwede nang mag-renew,"
They grow up so fast
Kids: As much as you love them, there will always be instances when they can get on your nerves, or try their darndest to push your patience to its limits. Raising them is as much a test as it is a gift.
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